This Is How To Protect Your Source Code from Hackers

Nowadays, hackers are using all sorts of advanced tools and technologies to access and analyze your source code. They can extract sensitive information and add malicious code to your IDE Software. Furthermore, if your application is compromised and hosts malicious code, then at best your reputation with your users is severely diminished and at worst you might even find yourself at the end of a…
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The Future Of Desktop Apps Is Native Code

Desktop apps are powerful execution tools that can natively run on your local machine to provide holistic application navigation and utilization experiences. With the advancement of modern web technologies, the desktop application development paradigm also experienced a…
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Working Example Code of Using STOMP In Your Application

STOMP is the Simple (or Streaming) Text Oriented Messaging Protocol. STOMP provides an interoperable wire format so that STOMP clients can communicate with any STOMP message broker to provide easy and widespread messaging interoperability among many languages, platforms, and brokers. You may use IDE Software such as Delphi for STOMP. You can check the latest version of the STOMP specification…
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Get A Workflow Supercharge For Your Sales

Take your order and billing workflow to the next level with this brilliant Android app. Smart Trader is of course written in Delphi using the cross-platform power of the Firemonkey FMX framework. Produced by Soluciones Informáticas Globales S.A. based in Buenos Aires…

This Ultimate Mathematical Visualization Software Comes With Full Delphi Source Code

Algosim is a mathematical visualization application and scripting language that lets you perform computations on numbers, vectors, matrices, images, sounds, and more. More than 800 functions and 70 operatorsMore than 320 mathematical functions, ranging from linear algebra from number theoryA syntax that very closely mimics the notation in ordinary mathematicsFunctions are first-class objectsA…
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TCoffeeAndCode - Spring Central Time Series

We are continuing the popular TCoffeeAndCode series. We kick off the Spring Time series for the Central Time zone with our 2 hour Q&A conversations. If you aren’t familiar with TCoffeeAndCode, it is a weekly “coffee shop” conversation with developers…

Brilliant Barcode Application Is Built In Delphi

This brilliant barcode application allows you to read most barcode standards, EAN, UPC, QR Code, Data Matrix, vCard, ITF and others. According to the developer, “Also read the standards that are Industrial on product labels we purchase every day.You can not read the bar code? Try to zoom in or out the camera. Try with flash or in an environment with more light.” What makes it…
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