26 Years... of Delphi

Today is Delphi 26th anniversary. A very long time… Many things have changed, some more than others. Here’s my 26 picks! On February 14th 1995, Borland introduced a new tool for developers, one that sparked a lot of enthusiasm and over 26 years has been used to build applications used by billions of people (think about the good old Skype) and it still being used today for building…
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Data Security in InterBase

Security is the first question I get when speaking with developers around InterBase. Ensuring that you can keep your users data secure and compliant is a necessity in the Cybersecurity world. Whether you have sensitive health data or even just names and phone numbers, you…

Webinar Replay: C++ Software Security Sins

In the world of software development, we are up against new cyber security threats each day, and the risks and consequences of un-secure software is too great to be unaware of.   Join presenter, Mary Kelly, to address the key security sins related to C++ applications, how…