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The Story Of Too Much Code And An Imaginary Friend

We’ve had quite a diverse array of submissions for our Enterprise App Article Challenge. Most have helped demonstrate the strengths of RAD Studio with Delphi as a highly efficient low code programming language. Several have featured component sets and technologies like FireDAC, and RAD Server has been mentioned in more than a few. I have to say, though, this is the first article submission…
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Modernizing Legacy Delphi Code? MVP Oren Aviram Shows You How

Modernizing legacy code poses less of challenge than may seem at first sight, as long as the right tool is deployed. In an on-demand webinar from DelphiCon, Embacadero MVP Oren Aviram discusses the challenges of legacy code modernization, and presents Delphi Parser, an intelligent find-and-replace tool that knows Delphi syntax and can even link between objects through code. It’s a Delphi robot…
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What Are Code Editors And What Is IDE Software?

Whether you’re new to programming or an expert developer, you need tools that make it easier to write and edit code. That’s why most developers these days use IDEs and code editors to simplify the process of coding and save time. An IDE software essentially consists of common development tools, such as a code editor, debugger, compiler, etc. In this article, we’ll discuss what exactly…
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20 Fun Facts About Clean Code Development On Windows

If you carry out native development on windows for a living, clean coding can add fun and enjoyment to your job. Let us explore some fun facts about clean code windows program development. 1. Why is change inevitable in any software system? A discarded software does not need any change. However, any successful software will require many changes for compatibility, addition, correction, legal…
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