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How To Make MSIX Installers For Your C++ App And More

Hello C++ Developers, Today we have some really great article picks for beginners about the best compiler IDE and how to compile C++ apps on Windows. Also, we explain how to operate on the words in a string in C++, std::string or Unicode String, both are explained thoroughly. We also picked out a superb article which teaches you everything you need to know to make MSIX installer packages for…
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The Anatomy of a Great Windows UI Toolkit

The broad popularity of Agile Software Development, DevOps, and continuous delivery pipelines puts more pressure on developers to build and deploy high-quality applications faster. With technology now underlying almost every aspect of daily commerce, as well as our business…
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A Beginner's Guide To Windows Tools For Developers

It’s hard to ignore the huge success that Microsoft has had in encouraging users to adopt Windows. Even today with competition from Linux, macOS and even more esoteric device choices such as Chromebooks with their ChromeOS Microsoft Windows is the overwhelmingly dominant choice for both business and home users. Whatever platform you target as a developer, the goal is always the same…
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What You Need To Know - A Beginner's Guide To Windows UI Toolkits

A control or component is a user interface (UI) element that displays content or enables interaction. Components are the building blocks of the user interface. A ‘pattern’ is a recipe for combining several controls to make something new. This article gives a guide for Windows UI development and design guidance for better UI development with modern Windows UI toolkits. The Delphi…
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Top 10 How-To’s: Modernization

Application modernization, also known as legacy modernization, involves updating existing software and its features to benefit from technological advances and maintain performance. Modernization can involve making apps cloud-native to lower cost and increase scalability and…

What You Need To Know About The Metaverse

Hello C++ and Delphi Developers, Today we have some great article picks about the MetaVerse. The Metaverse is a digital world software combined with data that allows users to simulate and experiment with elements of real-life blended with virtual life. These digital…

5 Tools Every Windows Developer Should Be Using Right Now

If you are serious about developing an app with the use of Windows App Development Tools, you should really know these five superb tools which can help you get the absolute best out of your great ideas when doing development, read on to learn more about how Delphi can empower your skills and coding experience! How can Delphi 11 Alexandria make Windows app development faster and…
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