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Implementing A Blazing Fast IoT Network With MQTT

What is IoT? The IoT term defines the concept of internet-connected physical devices that can send and/or receive data. To exchange data easily, a protocol of communication must be used in order of any devices can communicate with another one. The only requirement is that all devices must communicate in an agreed way. For IoT, the MQTT protocol is one of the top choices. What is…
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The Future Of Desktop Apps Is Native Code

Desktop apps are powerful execution tools that can natively run on your local machine to provide holistic application navigation and utilization experiences. With the advancement of modern web technologies, the desktop application development paradigm also experienced a…
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RAD Server CRUD Procedures - Part 2

In this Part 2 post, we will discuss modifying the default generated CRUD (CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE) procedure implementations from the RAD Server Package Wizard, to show one possible way to implement Get, GetItem, Post, PutItem and DeleteItem REST Endpoints. In the Part 1 post, we discussed the default generated CRUD procedure implementations from the RAD Server Package Wizard. In the Part 3…
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High-Performance Integration For Humanitas

When your users are trying to access things like their health-plan information, the responsiveness of your apps can often be key. There is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a button in a mobile app and then waiting for what seems like a lifetime to get some sort of…
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Quickly Deploy Powerful Cross-Platform Machine Learning OCR Technology

Are you familiar with the concept of OCR? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to easily convert images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text? Take a look at the two images below, with just a few lines of code we will make our Windows, Mac, Android or iOS application able to “read” those texts! Whether from a scanned document, a photo of a document or the text on…
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Native thumbnail and preview functionality for your software: ShellBrowser Delphi Components

The pain of finding the right file Let’s be honest: Searching for files in the file explorer or on your desktop can be very annoying. Especially if you are looking for a certain picture of – let’s say – your last holiday trip to Italy. Luckily, previews are a thing for a while now! The busy software user expects your program to present him or her a little preview of the file…
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