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FireMonkey Styles for Blinking Button

Author: Eusebio M40205 The problem appeared when discussing “Scalability of enterprise DBMS-targeted systems” (in English on massive demand in comments) with Dmitriy Kouzmenko, Russian expert in InterBase since its origin. Then this occasional topic called more interest, so now I have to give some light to the this. The initial idea was how to make a user press “backup db&#8221…
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Writing a FireMonkey DLL for use with a VCL application.

VCL App calling a FireMonkey DLL We have had a lot of questions on the road show tour about how to mix Fire Monkey and VCL. Although this is not officially supported, a number of blogs have started to appear with ways to do this. One way that is appropriate to add additional…

New "TOSVersion" type in Delphi XE2

Author: Tóth Erik Delphi XE2 is probably the most significant release since Delphi 1. The number of new features is amazing and probably the biggest, most important one is FireMonkey – a brand new business application development platform that let you use Delphi…

Why Won't Visual Studio Step Into This Code?

Author: Craig Stuntz I helped another developer debug an interesting problem this morning. Let’s see if you can spot the problem. The code in question looked something like this simplified version containing only enough code to show the problem: public void…

Delphi JSON Viewer

Author: Michael K22532 JSON support has been introduced in Delphi 2010 as a part of DBExpress database driver architecture, but of course JSON support is not limited to just database applications. JSON is similar to XML as both are text-based data interchange formats. Delphi…

Using Windows Stock Icons in Delphi

Author: Pawe Gowacki it is not a big discovery that all applications are running in the environment provided by the underlying operating system. Delphi is well-known for its rapid application development capabilities. The latest version of Delphi – Delphi 2010 – is the first release to support Windows 7, with all its latest and hottest additions including touch, multi-touch, gesturing…
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