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Powered By Delphi: Rapid Prime Numbers Calculator For Kids

I remember being taught Prime Numbers at school. I’m sure you, like me, were told “a prime number can only be divided by itself and one“. It was a lot to take in at that early age when we were all still learning how to tie shoelaces so they stayed tied and questioning why we had to eat our vegetables instead of just surviving on ice cream. How do you make Prime Numbers…
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Whitepaper: Enterprise Data on Mobile: Top 5 Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Many businesses today are looking to identify opportunities to increase efficiency in their business processes and expand opportunity by using apps on mobile devices. While this is positive, organizations must manage the initiative correctly to minimize risk of failure, as getting it wrong can cost much more than just the initial budget allocated for the project; in both time and money, it can…
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Powerful Dashboards with REST API & Delphi MVC Framework

The Delphi MVC framework (DMVC) is a popular and powerful framework for web solution, that allows the MVC architecture in Delphi. With it, we can create powerful RESTful servers without effort. In this article we will make a Delphi MVC example and create a dashboard through Serenytics using their REST API. What is a REST API? A REST API is an application program interface (API) that uses an…
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The Future Of Desktop Apps Is Native Code

Desktop apps are powerful execution tools that can natively run on your local machine to provide holistic application navigation and utilization experiences. With the advancement of modern web technologies, the desktop application development paradigm also experienced a major drift in terms of implementation. Technologies such as JavaScript and Python have inspired the hybrid implementation of…
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