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Native Windows Development Clean Code Has A Dirty Secret

There are many benefits of using clean code for native windows development, but increased productivity might be the most important. A productive development tool will save developers time and effort. Moreover, it will also minimize system downtime and customer frustration due to lower error counts. But clean code has a dirty secret. In an interesting article on TechCrunch, “Why…
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Why You Should Definitely Write Less Code This Year

It is essential to recognize when not to write code. We developers comprehend, when the code increases in a project, things lead to getting more dangerous. If you crave to restrict your code from becoming more acute, to atrophy, it requires to be maintained most of the…

Day 3 – Learn to Code Summer Camp 2021 - Now with More C++!

In keeping with our Build your own Summer Camp theme, today we are focusing on C++Builder. Before I jump into C++ learning resources, a reminder for the TCoffeeAndCode Live Stream and Danny Wind’s Introduction to REST WebServices. Monday we had a quick intro to installing C++Builder 10.4.2 CE. The following 13 video playlist walks you through some C++ Fundamentals: Once…
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Using an IDE: Getting back to code faster

A C++ IDE or an Integrated Development Environment is application development software written to give you a way to create or write C++ applications and programs. There is usually a single interface that incorporates all the tools you need to develop applications…
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Cross-Platform Mobile App Development: 5 Best Frameworks in 2023

As the use of mobile devices is increasing drastically, businesses worldwide are creating their own mobile apps. These apps allow businesses to convey information about their products or services efficiently, improve customer relationships, and build brand loyalty. However, as people today own different types of devices, it’s essential that your mobile apps work seamlessly on several…
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