Tracking Changes with InterBase Change Views

The ability to track changes in your database can be a time consuming and tedious process that can in certain circumstances impact the performance of your database and your users. InterBase offers an easy to implement solution to tracking those changes. What are Change Views? Change Views are a patented subscription model used to subscribe to data and identify what data has changed in the…
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What Is It Like To Be A Developer, Dr. Holger Flick?

Hello. This article is part of a new series in which we speak with professional software developers who use Windows app development tools to find out what it’s like to write code for a living and, hopefully, gain some insight into the software development industry. Today we’re talking to Dr. Holger Flick, Delphi developer since version 2, actively engaged in the community since 2004…
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Detect Real-World Places Of Interest With A Super-Easy API

How cool would it be for your Windows or mobile app to allow travelers to take random pictures at interesting places and retrieve instant useful information about the location they are visiting and the landmarks they can see? In this article we will see how to easily do just that using RAD Studio and Delphi with only few lines of code! Google API – harnessing super computing power the…
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Plunge Into A Museum Adventure With This Delphi Integration

This really wonderful Delphi app makes truly creative use of the integration of museum visitors with exhibits. Written by Oz Software of Spain, vCoolture makes a trip to the museum into an adventure where visitors using the app not only hear the descriptions offered by traditional audio guides but a plethora of additional information such as a biography of the painter or sculptor of an art…
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