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12 Steps To Find A Perfect App Builder Software For PC

Thanks to the inexorable rise of the ubiquitous mobile device the usage of apps is increasing day by day. From businesses to individuals, everyone uses apps for one reason or another. For example, accountants use apps for bookkeeping, invoicing, or preparing a tax return. Similarly, editors use different apps for editing images and videos. Businesses worldwide also use different enterprise-level…
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This Is How To Start C Programming

Hello to our fellow C++ developers. I hope you are keeping well, healthy and safe. C++ Builder is a modern, professional C++ IDE and although its main focus is on providing an absolutely first class experience while developing C++ apps C++ Builder also allows you to…

10 Top Tips To Develop A C++ App In 2022

When you start to develop a C++ app there are number of tips and tricks that come from experienced developers which can be helpful to you as your start your journey as a C++ developer. In today’s article we gather together a list of 10 top tips to smooth your path as a C++ app programmer. 1. Download the latest C++ Builder 11 (RAD Studio 11) Community Edition / Professional / Architect /…
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The Top 5 Reasons To Use RAD Studio For Cross Platform Apps

Are you a developer looking to build apps faster with less coding involved? Do you want to use your code to create cross platform apps which work on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android? Do you also wish to increase the efficiency of developing large projects and extended…
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Is React Native Dead? What Is The Best Alternative?

React Native is an open-source JavaScript-based framework for developing mobile apps. Ever since React Native was released to the public in 2015, it has gained immense popularity among mobile app developers. This is because it allows developers familiar with the framework to build cost-effective, cross-platform Android and iOS apps. Additionally, it enables developers to build reusable components…
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InterBase ADO.NET Driver Updated for .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022

We are happy to announce that Embarcadero has released an updated ADO.NET driver for the InterBase database. The new driver offers: General support for .NET 6 InterBase Events support in ADO.NET Installer support for VS 2022 There are also a number of bug fixes and improvements compared to the previous release of the driver. The source of the driver is on GitHub…
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