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What You Need To Create A Great C++ App Is On LearnCPlusPlus

Hello Great C++ Developers, C++ Builder is a great C++ IDE and compiler that allows you to code an amazing C++ app. All that wonderful power requires you, the developer, to back it up with a broand range of C++ knowledge. In out opinion, there is no better place to learn everything you could ever want to know about writing a C++ app than at LearnCPlusPlus.org. LearnCPlusPlus.org is packed…
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10 Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms: What Are They And How To Create Them

Machine Learning is one of the hottest software development topics right now. The algorithms and techniques which enable machine learning have begun to really mature and have graduated from ‘interesting ideas’ into providing genuine power and permitting capabilities in our apps which can sometimes seem magical just as much as they are useful. Python has very quickly emerged as a de…
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The VCL LockDrawing method in TWinControl

One of the features added to the VCL library in Delphi 11 is the ability to handle Windows WM_SETREDRAW message easily with two specific methods added to the TWinControl class: LockDrawing and UnlockDrawing I was going over my to do list earlier this week and found a not that indicated I should follow up to the blog post I did on new VCL features in Delphi and C++Builder 11 about LockDrawing. In…
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Windows 11 Win32 Debugging Patch for RAD Studio 11.1

A new patch (or hotfix) for RAD Studio 11.1 is now available. The patch addresses a problem that occurs when debugging Win32 apps on Windows 11, in which the IDE appears to freeze at times. When evaluating watches with side effects, opening the Threads view to switch…
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5 Reasons We Are Addicted To App Builder Software

Apps make the most part of our lives and their usage is only going to increase. No wonder app downloads increased worldwide by more than 63 percent to 230 billion in 2021. There are countless uses of apps found in our daily lives. With apps, individuals can measure daily calorie intake and perform book-keeping. Businesses also use enterprise-level solutions for employee management and training…
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