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Easily Add Visually-Stunning FMX And VCL Styles To Your Windows And Mobile Apps

When I started programming with Delphi 7, my applications were stunning because of the wide variety of VCL styles. I liked the idea of just loading the style file and you are good to go. At this moment, creating dark and light mode for the applications is crazy. But, if you are developing applications in Delphi or C++ Builder, you have no problem! Most of the time, other students were…
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50 years of Pascal and still growing!

In the March 2021 edition of the Communications of the ACM there is an article, by Nicklaus Wirth, about the 50th anniversary of Nicklaus Wirth’s Pascal. What started at ETH Zurich (in 1970) was publicized in the article “The programming language pascal” by Wirth in the Acta Informatica Journal in March of 1971. The programming language pascal Acta Informatica volume 1, pages…
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