Your first .NET/Interbase App - How to connect .NET and the Interbase secure data store

Hi devs! This is the 3rd post from a series about Interbase for .NET developers. If you just arrived on this channel, the first “Introducing InterBase for .NET – A Super-Secure Embedded Data Warehouse For .NET Users” can be found here, and the second “Getting Started With InterBase For .NET – Install, Configure And Secure Your Data in Minutes” is available through…
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The 5 Worst Distractions Affecting Your Productivity And What To Do About Them

Distractions are insidious. They have a tendency to sneak up on you unannounced, and don’t ask for permission before invading your space and hijacking your attention. It doesn’t matter if they’re positive or negative, pleasant or unpleasant, the effect is the same: distractions waste precious time, shrink productivity, and force more effort and time to get back on track. Listed below are…
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