Cool new FMX components by Graham Murt @kscomponents

Some cool new FireMonkey components, ksComponents (Kernow Software FMX components), created by Graham Murt, are available on GitHub. You’ll find the source code for TksListView, TksFormTransition, TksTableView,TksSlideMenu, TksSegmentButtons and TksChatView. Readme…

Visual Arduino programming for kids and professionals using Visuino by Mitov Software - powered by Embarcadero Delphi

I am often by parents how they can get their kids interested in technology and programming in a fun and educational way. When I was a kid growing up I played with erector sets, built my own crystal radio, used my Edmund Scientific kit to create microscopes and telescopes.I used to show my Lego Mindstorms kit, my IMSAI 8080 computer that I build from a kit in 1974, my Arduino boards and now…
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