Delphi Showcase Entries Keep Coming!

We’ve officially received more Showcase entries than we expected, and they are amazing! Let’s keep them coming! When I kicked off this Showcase Challenge we had just shy of 50 showcase entries. Now we have over 180! We are extending the deadline to enter and vote on showcase entries. Until February 22nd, 2021, any Showcase application submission for a Delphi-powered application gets…
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Winners of the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge

So many great entries for the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge! There were 170 entries covering a wide range of project types. Everything from games and multimedia to line-of-business and consumer software. Both on VCL on the desktop and FireMonkey on mobile platforms. It is…

Basket Scouting: An Impressive Basketball Software Showcases Flexibility Of Delphi

Basket Scouting is the innovative statistical survey software directly on the playing field, complete with support for interactive shooting maps and it is developer in Delphi. According to the developer, “you can say goodbye to pen and paper and check all the events of the game on your computer and produce a large series of prints. As a specific software for basketball teams, it was designed…
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Delphi 26th Birthday Showcase Challenge

Update: New extended the deadline and simplified requirements. Submit until Feb 22nd. We extended the voting window until Friday, the 5th of March because it took so long to get them all posted, especially with the 10.4.2 release in there. Another great Delphi birthday…
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This Excellent Cross-Platform Delphi App Has 6500+ Mobile App Store Downloads

During webinars I like to demonstrate how powerful RAD Studio with Delphi is for creating cross platform apps and how absolutely easy it is to do. I often make the point that I don’t want to work too hard which is why I like RAD Studio with Delphi – it does all the hard work for me and makes me look great! I get up every day and write code – and I write that code in the Delphi…
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This Is My Experience With Delphi - A Glowing Personal Endorsement

We’ve had a really great mixture of entries for our Enterprise Development Article competition. Developers have waxed lyrical about how they use our favorite IDE software to create everything from having nothing more than milliseconds to defeat a hacking attack to the slightly more sedate World’s best fruit fly research engine. We’ve even had horror stories of a bug so bad it…
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