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Tony de la Lama - SVP Marketing & R&D



Today we honor You, the App Developer

We dedicate today’s launch of RAD Studio XE4 to you, our user, the developer, the miracle worker who is asked to achieve greatness on a day to day basis.  Today’s launch is the culmination of many months of long hours building an entirely new tool chain for an entirely new platform, iOS.  Our developers have dedicated the last many months and in some cases years to bring you a product that allows you to build true native apps for Windows, Mac OSX and iOS, something no other company offers.  We do this because it’s fun, exciting and we know you’ll love it!

For the first time in many years we’ve released a major version of RAD Studio in a month not called September, how cool is that?  As the rate of technological change continues to accelerate, you can expect Embarcadero to accelerate it’s efforts and releases as well.  Watch for more exciting technology in the months and years ahead. Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on this exciting new XE4 release.

Best regards, Tony

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RAD just keeps on growing!

Yes, this is my first blog posting since I joined Embarcadero in early 2009 (way too long!), and I’m thrilled to talk about our just launched RAD Studio XE2 release.  How this release happened and what the future holds is a very exciting story, let me tell you more. 

The enthusiastic reception of Embarcadero Technologies’ RAD Studio XE2 makes it the fastest selling Delphi release in years. Its marketplace acceptance is due in large part to increased R&D investments that are generating both sales and market growth records. Embarcadero has increased R&D investment in Delphi/C++ every year since acquisition from Borland, and has been a key driver in our sales growth each year. XE2 was no exception, with the largest R&D investment increase to date, benefitting from double digit growth in R&D …  in people, technology, and team acquisitions. But we are not stopping here.  There are many new exciting things in our roadmap, so we are again increasing our investments in Delphi/C++ to support our current and future releases.

Embarcadero is a global company, and over the next six months we are increasing our investment, this time adding to our 70 member Delphi/C++ R&D teams by 25% to support our current and future releases. To focus our resources appropriately and reorganize for high growth, much of these increases will be in our European development centers.  This means some positions will be transferred among our four development facilities.  In fact, we have tripled the size of our office space in Spain to accommodate this growth.  Our Spain center has more than a decade of IDE experience and innovation and will be supported by the US team.  In the US, we are funding new platform compiler/debugger initiatives, initially for iOS, Android, and other platforms, and are also expanding and accelerating our next-generation compiler initiatives for C++ and Delphi.
We will continue investing in our development capabilities to deliver to our customers the best tools in the industry.

Tony de la Lama
Senior Vice President, R&D

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