RAD Studio 2010 - Touch & Gestures Part 1

Finally! RAD Studio 2010 is just around the corner which means we can talk about all that new awesome "stuff" we’ve been working on. Chris Bensen and I have spent a lot of our time working on building a gesturing framework and integrating touch into the VCL. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming:


Most controls now have a Touch property, which hosts everything related to gesturing and touch.


The platform independant gesturing framework uses a mouse, pen or (single) touch and contains over 30 standard gestures (such as Left, Right, Up and Down). You can also record your own custom gestures using the Custom Gesture Designer.


There are 5 interactive multi-touch gestures (such as zoom, rotate and pan). Just like standard and custom gestures, interactive gestures are handled in the new OnGesture event.


The VCL includes dedicated gesturing components to integrate gesture recording and management into Delphi applications. These are the same components we’ve used in the designers.


The VCL also includes the super-cool touch keyboard control, allowing Delphi applications to be truly touch enabled and free from physical keyboards.


To be continued…


Posted by Seppy Bloom on August 11th, 2009 under C++Builder, Delphi, RAD Studio, VCL, ednfront

19 Responses to “RAD Studio 2010 - Touch & Gestures Part 1”

  1. delphi Says:

    Wooooow ….
    Very Very Cooool

  2. Michael Says:

    Thanks a lot, great ….


  3. Dan Says:

    Great to see you guys making steady improvements to… well, everything!

  4. Troy Says:

    Great Job!! I was using the Stringgrid to make a keyboard. But now I will change it you the new onscreen keyboard. Thank you, Delphi 2010 is comming togather!!


    PS I’m working on Voice commands. Using voice to press buttons. Will Delphi add voice comands to the IDE?

  5. Joe White Says:

    I don’t understand how gestures would be used. Would it trigger anytime you move the mouse upward? Or only when the left mouse button is pressed? Which control gets the gesture event — the one you started the gesture over, or the one you ended it over?

  6. David Howes Says:

    I thought that the new touch functionality wrapped some new API in Win7? But now I hear that it works in win2K/XP, so is it separate from the Win7 API, or is the win7 functionality retro-fittable to prior platforms? Or has some API been present in NT platforms for a while the M$ is only utilizing now for Win7.

  7. Seppy Bloom Says:

    Joe: Gestures are triggered by pressing the left mouse button and moveing the mouse. The event is fired on the control where the gesture was initiated.

  8. Seppy Bloom Says:

    David: Interactive gestures (multi-touch) are specific to Windows 7. Mouse/pen/single touch gestures work on any platform with a mouse, or device that emulates a mouse.

  9. Mike Swindell Says:

    David: encapsulates the API support into the VCL so that it’s easy to control and add behavior. This gives you control over where and how you want touch to work in your app - ie form level, containers, or down to a single control if you like. Also, provides a VCL recognizer, so if the OS doesn’t have one (ie 2000, XP, Vista) then the VCL will do the recognition, but if the OS has a recognizer (Win7) it will use that. So you can build apps targeted for touch hardware and run them on various versions of windows, not just Win7 - even if those OSes don’t inherently support touch or gesturing. In fact you can use the std 30+ gestures that Win7 and Tablet defines on any of those OSes, it’ll just be VCL that does the recognition instead of Win8 in those cases.

  10. Mike Swindell Says:

    typo - i meant Win7… not Win8 of course.

  11. David Howes Says:

    "In fact you can use the std 30+ gestures that Win7 and Tablet defines on any of those OSes, it’ll just be VCL that does the recognition instead of Win8 in those cases."

    O.k. I,m impressed :-)

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  14. xucd Says:

    hello, the gesture is powerful.However ,when i move mouse from the TcxGrid’s surface, then it doesn’t work!Hope you can give me a solution, thanks a lot!

  15. exploretalent Says:

    That’s really great. Thanks for the post

  16. Paracet2000 Says:

    It greate but with Touchkeyboard can i use it only one separated form then use it which all of other froms in my application or use it which all of system applications.

  17. DanielX Says:

    HI! Thanks for the article. Im usin gestures but when I close a form with a gesture I receive "Unable to enable or disable IRealTimeStylus" error. Some idea?


  18. MikeP Says:

    >Unable to enable or disable IRealTimeStylus

    I have the same problem. no known solution.

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