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Using Windows Stock Icons in Delphi

it is not a big discovery that all applications are running in the environment provided by the underlying operating system. Delphi is well-known for its rapid application development capabilities. The latest version of Delphi - Delphi 2010 - is the first release to support Windows 7, with all its latest and hottest additions including touch, [...]

Direct2D "Advanced Path Geometries" Win7 SDK Example Translated to Delphi 2010

In two days I’m talking about Windows 7 development at Delphi 2010 HandsOn Workshop with Bob Swart and Bruno Fierens from TMS Software.
One of the cool new features introduced in Delphi 2010 specifically for Windows 7 is support for native Direct2D development. Direct2D is very interesting, new graphics subsystem that utilizies GPU processing power for [...]


The SDC 2009 conference is over. It is the biggest annual developer conference in the Netherlands with 2 days full of session in 9 parallel tracks and international speakers. This year SDN Conference was also hosting the official Dutch Windows 7 launch event for Developers from Microsoft. On Monday evening a keynote took place, followed [...]

Windows 7 RTM and RAD Studio 2010 around the corner

It was announced few days ago that Windows 7 has RTM and very soon it will be publicly available. I have been already playing with Windows 7 RC in the VMWare image and it really looks nicer as Vista.
At the same time the first sneak preview of the upcoming Delphi 2010 has been published here: [...]

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