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C++Builder XE6 multi-tier database app with FireDAC JSON Reflection

Welcome to The C++ Mobile Day webinar! Right now I’m listening to David I explaining basics of building native mobile apps for Android and iOS from the same C++ codebase with C++Builder XE6. In less than three hours there will be my, prerecorded session "Create C++ Secure Mobile Applications that Work with Enterprise Web Services [...]

RAD Studio XE6 events in The Netherlands and Turkey

The momentum around the latest RAD Studio XE6 release is building very quickly. I have this feeling that this is going one of the most successful releases of Delphi and C++Builder.
Developers are very happy with the focus on quality, stability and performance of the IDE plus they like brand new features like app tethering and [...]

RAD Studio XE6 Launch event in Antwerpen

RAD Studio XE6 has been recently launched and now it is time to show all its great new features to developers in every corner of the world. Embarcadero technical evangelists and Embarcadero MVPs from different countries are super busy travelling and presenting on live events.
My first XE6 live event was yesterday in Antwerpen in Belgium. [...]

Box2D physics engine in Object Pascal

There is plenty of interesting Delphi, Appmethod and FireMonkey information published very frequently on website.
A very interesting article was published on fmxexpress about Box2d Physics Engine For Delphi XE6 FireMonkey on Android, iOS, Windows and OSX a few days ago.
You have probably heard about "Angry Birds". It is probably the most easy [...]

FireMonkey in Lier (Belgium)

FireMonkey is busy;-)
I’m just back from Belgium where I was presenting FireMonkey, Delphi and RAD Studio XE2 in Lier at the event organized by Embarcadero-Benelux and PeopleWare. PeopleWare work closely with Embarcadero providing Delphi expertise to customers in Belgium.

There are a lot discussions among developers which technologies to choose and to me it is becoming [...]

RAD Studio XE2 World Tour: Sofia, Bulgaria

Last week I have been presenting FireMonkey, Delphi and RAD Studio XE2 in Sofia in Bulgaria. The conference room was really big. It looked like Delphi developers in Sofia are now really into the new world of FireMonkey programming, plus lots of questions around DataSnap and enterprise technologies in Delphi.
That was the first Delphi event [...]

My upcoming FireMonkey events, RAD Studio XE2 Update 2 and Hot Promotion!

My upcoming "FireMonkey in Action LIVE" and ‘RAD Studio XE2 World Tour" events
I’m getting ready and sorting logistics for my upcoming RAD Studio XE2 and "FireMonkey in Action LIVE" events. Probably I have never traveled so much as in 2011. I’m clearly going to become Golden Frequent Flyer with KLM this year:-) Please register and [...]

RAD Studio XE2 World Tour: Zagreb

It is a pure pleasure to visit Croatia:-) I’m just back from Zagreb, where I have been showing the new Delphi and FireMonkey to about 90 people gathered in one of the auditoriums of  University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. There were regular Delphi and C++Builder fans and users from last years, [...]

RAD Studio XE2 World Tour: Kolding (Denmark)

I’m just back from Kolding in Denmark where I had a pleasure to show RAD Studio XE2 and FireMonkey to the fully packed room of Danish developers. Only two weeks ago I have been showing RAD Studio XE2 in Copenhagen and now it was the second RAD Studio XE2 World Tour event in Denmark. Very [...]

Embarcadero Reinvents App Development!

The word is out!
I’m so excited! It looks like the upcoming Delphi XE2 release is going to be the most significant since version 1! Embarcadero truly reinvents application development. With the new FireMonkey app dev platform you can target Windows, Mac OS X and iOS from the same source code!!! We are entering the brand new [...]

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