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Delphi 2010 in Luxembourg

"Delphi 2010 in Action" workshop in Luxembourg Hilton Hotel was great fun! It was a really sunny day outside, one of the first spring warm days, but we were there on the level -2… About 20 Delphi developers gathered for this opportunity to see the latest version of Delphi in action. In the morning I [...]

Delphi 2010 Online Resources

Here is my handy collection of links to blog posts and resources related to new Delphi 2010 features. Enjoy and GO DELPHI !!!
1. General


RAD Studio 2010 Review – Part 1: Top 10
"Wings of Wind" blogpost showing new Delphi 2010 splash screen
RAD Studio 2010 - Delphi and C++Builder Reviewer’s Guide
Delphi 2010 Reviewers Guide
A few of my [...]

More Delphi 2010 Launch Events in Europe:-)

It is such a pleasure to demonstrate Delphi 2010 and C++Builder 2010 to developers in different cities and countries. The feedback everywhere is overwhelmingly positive. Esepcially IDE Insight, DataSnap 2010, Gesturing and Delphi for MacOSX and Linux on the Delphi roadmap. In the last three weeks I have met about 800 Delphi and C++Builder developers in [...]

RAD Studio 2010 in Moscow

More then 200 Delphi and C++Builder developers gathered last week in Moscow to see all the new features of RAD Studio 2010.

Delphi and C++Builder are very popular and strong in Russia. It was such a great fun to press F6 all the time and use the new "IDE Insight" feature to do almost everything in [...]

RAD Studio 2010 - Object Inspector "verbs" area

The new Delphi 2010 and C++Builder 2010 bring a ton of new features in all areas including IDE, Compiler, RTL, VCL, Database and DataSnap. It is probably the easiest to enumerate countless new IDE usability features like IDE Insight, source code formatter, thread debugging, debug visualizers, new Open Tools API and others.
These are little productivity [...]

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