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XNA Tutorial 1 translated to Delphi Prism

There was a couple of interesting comments to my question regarding options for writing games in Delphi.
The XNA Game Studio 3.0 online documentation contains tutorial projects. I thought it would be cool to create a Delphi Prism version of "Tutorial 1: Displaying a 3D Model on the Screen". This means translating from C# to Oxygene, [...]

Delphi Prism announced at the PDC

The new solution for .NET development from Embarcadero - Delphi Prism - has been announced on the PDC conference in Los Angeles. Delphi Prism is powered by Oxygene compiler technology and will replace both Delphi for .NET and the existing Oxygene product.
Check out a very interesting interview with Marc Hoffman from RemObjects: "Delphi Prism - Visual [...]

3D Programming with Delphi for .NET and WPF

Note: Make sure to install RAD Studio 2007 December Update before trying to compile this code. If you are on XP, make sure you have .NET 3.0 or 3.5 installed.
Do you know Charles Petzold? Yes. He is the one who authored classical "Programming Windows" book back in eighties. Last year Petzold wrote a very [...]

Enlightment with Windows Workflows

I have heard some positive opinions about Windows Workflow Foundation, so decided to get a book, and find out what’s this all about on my own. Found this article about “Essential Windows Workflow Foundation” book by Dharma Shukla and Bob Schmidt - the actual architects of this technology - including a free chapter 3 “Activity Execution”.
The book [...]

.NET 3.0 and Vista ready

It looks like .NET 3.0 is no longer in beta. Starting yesterday it is now available for download here. According to TheServerSide the new version of Windows (“Vista“) was also sent to manufacturing.
Does it change a lot to Delphi developers? Not much as Delphi 2006 Win32 can work with Vista already, and .NET 3.0 is [...]

Atlas renamed

According to sources Atlas was renamed in a more official way.
Shares same fate as Avalon and Indigo. Now the server side part is AJAX Extensions and client side - AJAX Library.
Official names are boring.
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Breathing XML

I’ve been always a great fan of XML. Yesterday, in the search for Indigo references, I’ve found a very interesting article by Aaron Skonnard on "Serialization in Windows Communication Foundation". It is always nice to learn directly from architects of a given technology. There is not much about WCF in there, but a lot about [...]

.NET 2.0 is final and available for download

After years and months in beta the .NET 2.0 is finally ready and available for free download at
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LINQ and the evolution of programming

LINQ is getting hotter and hotter. Just announced on the PDC, and now Danny is blogging about it.
Language Integrated Query seems to be the biggest feature of upcoming  C# 3.0. Searching for LINQ resources I have found The LINQ Project whitepaper written by Don Box (that used to love COM) and Anders Hejlsberg (The Architect). [...]

Delphi ASP.NET HttpHandler Demo

Delphi 2005 does not provide support for creating ASP.NET HttpHandlers out-of-the-box, but it is not so difficult to create one:-)
The HttpHandler is a class that implements IHttpHandler interface, which contains only two members:
"IsReusable" property that tells HttpRuntime if it is OK to pool, and the core method "ProcessRequest", which accepts "HttpContext" param.
From the perspective of [...]

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