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"RasterrainObjPas" - Simple Ray Tracer in Object Pascal

I always wanted to implement a ray tracer in my favourite Object Pascal programming language. The thing is that it is not trivial, especially when you start reading books like "Physically Based Rendering" you realize that implementing a ray tracer might take a lot of time and work.
Recently on YouTube I have come across a [...]

Making "Color to Gray" conversion algorithm parallel

One of the most important new features in RAD Studio XE7 is new "Parallel Programming Library". It is available for both Object Pascal and C++, and for both VCL and FireMonkey, multi-device projects.
During the recent CodeRage 9 virtual conference there were two very informative sessions on parallel programming from Allen Bauer and Danny Wind.
A few [...]

Fun with FireMonkey Gradients

Everybody loves colours. Great apps should use colours in clever and original ways. I have been recently spending a lot of time using Delphi XE5 for designing screens for mobile apps and must admit that I really like the way how iOS 7 is using colours and gradients. There is a lot of interesting information [...]

Custom FireMonkey "TSimpleTriangle" component

Have you ever written a component in Delphi? Reusable components are the corner-stone of rapid application development and important part of Delphi success on the market. Being able to manipulate an instance of a class at design-time is where Delphi shines!
One day I was looking at mocking up a FireMonkey turn-based board game. A screen [...]

SDC2010 Conf and "Delphi Graphics Options" session source code

Every year I really enjoy the annual international conference from Dutch Software Developer Network.

This year I was only following presentations in "Delphi" track. It is always a great pleasure to meet great Delphi experts. This year there were presentations from Jim Tierney, Marco Cantu, Cary Jensen and Bob Swart who is also involved in the [...]

Using Windows Stock Icons in Delphi

it is not a big discovery that all applications are running in the environment provided by the underlying operating system. Delphi is well-known for its rapid application development capabilities. The latest version of Delphi - Delphi 2010 - is the first release to support Windows 7, with all its latest and hottest additions including touch, [...]

Converting to grayscale with TBitmap.ScanLine property

In my previous post "Boian’s TBitmap Visualizer and converting to grayscale" I have described an algorithm for converting arbitrary TBitmap instances to gray using a selected formula. The problem is with the performance of the code that actually changes the color of each pixel. Accessing color information is done via TBitmap.Pixels property, which is a [...]

Boian’s TBitmap Visualizer and converting to grayscale

Debugger Visualizers introduced in RAD Studio 2010, for both Delphi 2010 and C++Builder 2010, are one of the most interesting new IDE features. On the ITDevCon 2009 Delphi conference in Verona I have met Boian Mitov from Mitov Software, who actually wrote a sample "TBitmap" visualizer for Delphi 2010. Boian has architected lots of VCL [...]

Delphi 2010 DirectWrite "Hello World" Example

In my previous post I have translated Windows 7 SDK Direct2D "Advanced Geometries" example from C++ to Delphi 2010 code. That was a lot of fun, so I have decided to continue the adventure in the realm of Direct2D programming and this time converted one of the DirectWrite examples - DirectWrite sample "Hello World".
In order to avoid [...]

XNA Tutorial 1 translated to Delphi Prism

There was a couple of interesting comments to my question regarding options for writing games in Delphi.
The XNA Game Studio 3.0 online documentation contains tutorial projects. I thought it would be cool to create a Delphi Prism version of "Tutorial 1: Displaying a 3D Model on the Screen". This means translating from C# to Oxygene, [...]

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