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CodeRage Mobile: My session on iOS apps and enterprise services

The CodeRage Mobile conference Day 1st is almost finished. I’m listening to last sessions from Anders Ohlsson. Few hours ago I have been doing my own session "Create iOS Applications that Work with Enterprise Web Services and Multi-tier Architectures" and promised to share the source code from my demos. I have uploaded it to Embarcadero [...]

My CodeRage IV "Delphi Enterprise Architectures" session happens now!

I’m just sitting in the LiveMeeting during CodeRage IV conference watching my prerecorded presentation and waiting for the live q&a. I’m talking about Fibonacci numbers, Base64 endcoding filters, DataSnap 2010 and WebBroker architectures, callbacks and REST JSON interfaces to server methods.

CodeRage IV is happening now!
I have uploaded demo projects used in the presentation to [...]

Simple Delphi Prism WCF service and Delphi 2009 client

It has been just few days since Delphi Prism May 2009 has been released. One of the most visible new things is its support for AOP through Cirrus framework. Jim McKeeth demonstrated Delphi Prism AOP demo during the recent DelphiLive! conference and it was enlightning experience to see how aspects are modifying code during the compilation [...]

Logging DataSnap 2009 client/server communication

A while ago I have described the most simple Delphi 2009 DataSnap "Echo" application in "Getting Started with Delphi DataSnap 2009" blog post and in the EDN article.
DataSnap 2009 uses custom JSON-based protocol for on-the-wire communication between clients and servers. It is very easy to intercept and log messages being exchanged in DataSnap 2009. As [...]

Getting Started with Delphi DataSnap 2009

One of the main new features of RAD Studio 2009 is DataSnap 2009 framework for building multitier database applications. In fact DataSnap 2009 is more than that. It is a component-based architecture for creating arbitrary applications that communicates over the network. It has never been easier to quickly create server and client applications in Delphi [...]

Building and consuming web services with Delphi 2009

Do you remember that Delphi 6 was the first IDE in the market with Web Services support? This trend continues and Delphi 2009 supports building web service servers and clients:-) In this post I’m going to describe all steps neccessary to build simple web service server and client applications in Delphi 2009.
Building "Simple Calculator" web [...]

My Janeva Delphi for .NET whitepapers

CORBA does not seem to be the most hyped technology these days. In fact there are at least 10 reasons why CORBA is boring.
When Delphi for .NET compiler was still in beta I’ve been investigating how to make it work with Borland Janeva. This is how my Building CORBA applications with Delphi 8 and Janeva [...]

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