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FireMonkey in Lier (Belgium)

FireMonkey is busy;-)
I’m just back from Belgium where I was presenting FireMonkey, Delphi and RAD Studio XE2 in Lier at the event organized by Embarcadero-Benelux and PeopleWare. PeopleWare work closely with Embarcadero providing Delphi expertise to customers in Belgium.

There are a lot discussions among developers which technologies to choose and to me it is becoming [...]

FireMonkey Classic "Deep Space" Starfield Simulation in 3D

Yesterday I was playing with implementing "parallax" starfield simulation in a Delphi XE2 iOS HD project as documented here. To be honest at the beginning my plan was to implement a classic "deep space" starfield simulation, but could not find any code samples, so decided to go for a simpler "parallax" approach.
I have posted my [...]

A Cool Parallax Starfield Simulation Using FireMonkey

There is nothing like writing demo projects. Whenever I see an interesting piece of code, does not really matter in which language, I’m thinking about moving it to Delphi. Delphi XE2 is all about cross-platform and mobile development, so "moving to Delphi" specifically means for me these days "moving to Delphi iOS mobile app".
Every framework [...]

FireMonkey Strikes Back!

I’m back from Philips High Tech Campus in Eindhoven where Embarcadero Benelux was hosting the event on creating Mac and mobile iOS applications with Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey.

It was my first time to demonstrate deploying FireMonkey applications to physical devices: my new iPad and my iPhone. With "TScaledLayout" component it was possible to have [...]

Building awesome Mac clients for web services built with Visual Studio and C#

If your customers are asking you about a “Mac” version of your existing Windows application, you may want to look at the new Embarcadero FireMonkey application development platform. FireMonkey makes it very easy to create great looking, native, compiled applications for Mac as well as for Windows. FireMonkey is a great way for building clients [...]

Delphi Developer Days 2012 in Amsterdam today and tomorrow

I’m just sitting at the first day of Delphi Developer Days 2012 workshop organized by Cary Jensen and Marco Cantu in the city centre of Amsterdam. This is the second stop of the tour. Earlier this week DDD 2012 were delivered in London and next stops are Washington DC, Chicago, Frankfurt and Rome. Check out [...]

Delphi event in Romania for the first time ever!

The history is happening right now, right here! I’m just back from Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Yesterday it was a pure pleasure to present "RAD Studio XE2 in Action LIVE!" to the crowd of enthusiastic developers. It looks it was the first Delphi/C++Builder event ever in Romania!

The audience was very technical and positive. There [...]

RAD Studio in Action LIVE in Olomouc (CZ) and Breukelen (NL)

That was a really good week! RAD Studio XE2 is such an incredible release that I keep travelling and showing Delphi and FireMonkey to developers around Europe.
On Tuesday, I have been to Olomouc in Moravia in Czech Republic. There were close to 120 enthusiastic Delphi programmers gathered. Everybody liked the new FireMonkey architecture and possibilities [...]

Delphi and FireMonkey in Warsaw this week was great!

I’m back from Warsaw where I have been presenting Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey to Polish developers. In fact it was the third event in Warsaw about Delphi and FireMonkey since the release of RAD Studio XE2 back in September 2011!

That’s amazing to watch happy faces of Delphi developers seeing all the great "visually stunning" [...]

FireMonkey Molecule Viewer demo source code

Today is Valentine’s Day. For Delphi programmers and supporters this is the Delphi Birthday. Delphi just turned 17. I’m wondering how the next one is going to look like;-)
I had a pleasure and the privilege to present live during the "Delphi Birthday Webinar" event just a moment ago and promised online to publish the source [...]

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