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Links to resources about Delphi XE2 and RAD Studio XE2

Delphi XE2 has been just released and there is more and more information about it on various blogs, technical portals and other locations in the Web.
Here are just few of them:

RAD Studio XE2 World Tour
SDTimes Latest News: Embarcadero Enters Business Application Platform Space
Dr. Dobb’s TV Lounge: Interview with Michael Swindell on RAD Studio XE2
SourceForge: RAD [...]

Delphi 2010 Online Resources

Here is my handy collection of links to blog posts and resources related to new Delphi 2010 features. Enjoy and GO DELPHI !!!
1. General


RAD Studio 2010 Review – Part 1: Top 10
"Wings of Wind" blogpost showing new Delphi 2010 splash screen
RAD Studio 2010 - Delphi and C++Builder Reviewer’s Guide
Delphi 2010 Reviewers Guide
A few of my [...]

Delphi 2009 Online Resources

Delphi and C++Builder 2009 are considered by many developers that I have met recently the best versions ever of these two great products. There are significant improvements at all levels of product functionality, starting from new Unicode support, new programming languages features, improvements to RTL/VCL, IDE improvements and brand new DataSnap client/server architecture.
Here are some of the [...]

Automating Excel with Delphi and Creating Value from Programming

Why do we write applications? One answer could be "for fun", but not always we are in such a comfortable situation of doing something without a real (business) reason. This is where "Creating Value from Programming" comes in.
Recently we’ve done a joint session with Jeroen Pluimers on the Software Developer Event "Office Stuff!!" about different [...]

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