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RAD Studio XE World Tour in Full Swing

It is just about a month since the RAD Studio XE has been first demonstrated during the opening keynote of the DelphiLive! 2010 conference in San Jose and it already feels like a very long time ago. Time goes by so I thought about posting here some of the photos and information from the Delphi [...]

RAD Studio XE available right now! 2011=XE

it looks like RAD Studio XE. Delphi XE, C++Builder XE, RadPHP XE and Delphi Prism XE have been RTMed and now they are GAed, which in normal terms mean: go, get it and GIVE IT A TRY!!!! XE means: ToolCloud-enabled, All-Access-upgradeable and Heterogeneous RDBMS access. Go DELPHI! No kidding!
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Simple Delphi Prism WCF service and Delphi 2009 client

It has been just few days since Delphi Prism May 2009 has been released. One of the most visible new things is its support for AOP through Cirrus framework. Jim McKeeth demonstrated Delphi Prism AOP demo during the recent DelphiLive! conference and it was enlightning experience to see how aspects are modifying code during the compilation [...]

XNA Tutorial 1 translated to Delphi Prism

There was a couple of interesting comments to my question regarding options for writing games in Delphi.
The XNA Game Studio 3.0 online documentation contains tutorial projects. I thought it would be cool to create a Delphi Prism version of "Tutorial 1: Displaying a 3D Model on the Screen". This means translating from C# to Oxygene, [...]

CodeRage III and chat fun

I’m now watching another session from Cary Jensen on doing ASP.NET with Delphi Prism. Cary is doing great job! As much as I like watching Cary session I like chating in the CodeRage chat rooms.
I bet everybody is looking forward to real, face to face conference next year.
Here is a link that Anders posted a [...]

Delphi Prism announced at the PDC

The new solution for .NET development from Embarcadero - Delphi Prism - has been announced on the PDC conference in Los Angeles. Delphi Prism is powered by Oxygene compiler technology and will replace both Delphi for .NET and the existing Oxygene product.
Check out a very interesting interview with Marc Hoffman from RemObjects: "Delphi Prism - Visual [...]

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