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Using Windows Stock Icons in Delphi

it is not a big discovery that all applications are running in the environment provided by the underlying operating system. Delphi is well-known for its rapid application development capabilities. The latest version of Delphi - Delphi 2010 - is the first release to support Windows 7, with all its latest and hottest additions including touch, [...]

Converting to grayscale with TBitmap.ScanLine property

In my previous post "Boian’s TBitmap Visualizer and converting to grayscale" I have described an algorithm for converting arbitrary TBitmap instances to gray using a selected formula. The problem is with the performance of the code that actually changes the color of each pixel. Accessing color information is done via TBitmap.Pixels property, which is a [...]

Boian’s TBitmap Visualizer and converting to grayscale

Debugger Visualizers introduced in RAD Studio 2010, for both Delphi 2010 and C++Builder 2010, are one of the most interesting new IDE features. On the ITDevCon 2009 Delphi conference in Verona I have met Boian Mitov from Mitov Software, who actually wrote a sample "TBitmap" visualizer for Delphi 2010. Boian has architected lots of VCL [...]

Delphi 2010 in Luxembourg

"Delphi 2010 in Action" workshop in Luxembourg Hilton Hotel was great fun! It was a really sunny day outside, one of the first spring warm days, but we were there on the level -2… About 20 Delphi developers gathered for this opportunity to see the latest version of Delphi in action. In the morning I [...]

Delphi 2010 DirectWrite "Hello World" Example

In my previous post I have translated Windows 7 SDK Direct2D "Advanced Geometries" example from C++ to Delphi 2010 code. That was a lot of fun, so I have decided to continue the adventure in the realm of Direct2D programming and this time converted one of the DirectWrite examples - DirectWrite sample "Hello World".
In order to avoid [...]

Direct2D "Advanced Path Geometries" Win7 SDK Example Translated to Delphi 2010

In two days I’m talking about Windows 7 development at Delphi 2010 HandsOn Workshop with Bob Swart and Bruno Fierens from TMS Software.
One of the cool new features introduced in Delphi 2010 specifically for Windows 7 is support for native Direct2D development. Direct2D is very interesting, new graphics subsystem that utilizies GPU processing power for [...]

Delphi 2010 Online Resources

Here is my handy collection of links to blog posts and resources related to new Delphi 2010 features. Enjoy and GO DELPHI !!!
1. General


RAD Studio 2010 Review – Part 1: Top 10
"Wings of Wind" blogpost showing new Delphi 2010 splash screen
RAD Studio 2010 - Delphi and C++Builder Reviewer’s Guide
Delphi 2010 Reviewers Guide
A few of my [...]

ITDevCon 2009 - Day 2

It is the second day of ITDevCon. The conference is really better than I was expecting. bitTime crew is taking perfect care of all attendees. Again - it is impossible to be on three parallel sessions at the same time. Especially if you are delivering sessions yourself:-)
The first session for me was my "Delphi Natural [...]

ITDevCon 2009 - Day 1

I’m here in Verona - Italian city best known for Romeo and Juliet - on the biggest live Delphi conference in Europe this year - ITDevCon. The conference is organized by bitTime Software- Embarcadero representative in Italy - and there are plenty of Delphi experts presenting on three parallel tracks.
The conference has started from the [...]


The SDC 2009 conference is over. It is the biggest annual developer conference in the Netherlands with 2 days full of session in 9 parallel tracks and international speakers. This year SDN Conference was also hosting the official Dutch Windows 7 launch event for Developers from Microsoft. On Monday evening a keynote took place, followed [...]

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