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Register and join me for two live Delphi webinars tomorrow

If you are interested in Delphi web services and web programming, feel free to join me tomorrow for two live Delphi webinars: "Delphi for .NET 3.5 RESTful web services" and "Introduction to Delphi VCL for the Web Programming".
More details below:
Date: 10 JUNE 2008
Time: 11:00 (CEST), 10:00 (GMT)
Length: 60 min
Title: "Delphi for .NET 3.5 RESTful web [...]

David I in Europe this month! Book your agenda now!

Great news to all european developers! David I - CodeGear Chief Evangelist - is going to present in coming week on events in Italy, Germany, UK and the Netherlands.
Marco Cantu’s Delphi Day in Piacenza Conference, June 12
Delphi Tage, Gunzburg Germany, June 13 and 14
David I. Delphi meet up in Twyford, UK, June 17
David [...]

Greetings to all Czech Delphi Developers:-)

More then 130 developers attended "CodeGear RAD Studio 2007" presentation during recent "Belohrad 2008" conference in Lazne Belohrad in Czech. This is one of the biggest and most important independent developer conferences in Czech and traditionally attracts lots of Delphi developers. It was great fun demonstrating native Delphi VCL for the Web development with AJAX [...]

Building .NET 3.5 WCF RESTful web services with Delphi 2007

What is "REST" anyway?
"REST" does not have anything to do with relaxing. It is rather a hot term used in the context of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The term "Representational State Transfer" was coined by Thomas Fielding in 2000, in his PhD dissertation "Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architecture". In essence [...]

Register Now for Free Delphi SOA and Web Services Webinars, April 2008

Check out the new layout of the EMEA CodeGear Event Calendar at It is now easier to find things. There are two new main columns. One for future events and one for watching playbacks. Looks great to me.
I’m going to present the following 60 minutes Delphi webinars around Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services [...]

What about watching a Delphi webinar today?

Depending on your timezone it may or may not be "today" for you, but in coming hours I’m doing a couple of live Delphi webinars, and please feel invited to join:-) You only need to install free InterWise client and just few minutes before the event click on one of the URLs below to watch [...]

Creating database tables programmatically with Delphi DBX4 metadata classes

Inspired by Steve Shaughnessy’s post on "The New dbExpress 4.0 MetaData" I’ve decided to give this approach a try and created a sample Delphi 2007 for .NET VCL Forms application that I’m using during current serie of CodeGear seminars to demonstrate the incredible amount of innovation in DBX4 architecture. Many Delphi programmers asked me to [...]

3D Programming with Delphi for .NET and WPF

Note: Make sure to install RAD Studio 2007 December Update before trying to compile this code. If you are on XP, make sure you have .NET 3.0 or 3.5 installed.
Do you know Charles Petzold? Yes. He is the one who authored classical "Programming Windows" book back in eighties. Last year Petzold wrote a very [...]

Delphi WPF Application Template Library

Delphi WPF Application Template Library

Have you heard about a new RAD Studio 2007 feature called "Template Libraries"? It is a new, very powerful Delphi IDE repository mechanism. It is no longer neccessary to write an Open Tools API package to add a custom project to RAD Studio 2007 "New Items" dialog. With "Template Libraries" the [...]

My Top 5 RAD Studio 2007 features and you’ve been blog-tagged!

It has been a while since my last post and there was lots of things happening. First of all CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 is now available including a free trial.
Earlier this year we were playing a blog-tag game to name your 5 favorites in Delphi 2007 for Win32. I liked the game very much. What [...]

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