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SOA with the "Interfaced Singleton" Pattern Delphi Wizard

I found myself reusing the same pattern over and over again in different Delphi projects. This pattern is useful to introduce a logical layer into the application design to abstract an underlying implementation of arbitrary service, and is handy for writing easy to maintain client code with minimum number of hardcoded dependencies. I call it [...]

"Vision Document" Live Template

There are many successful software projects without formalized requirements management process. However it is a good idea to have at least a "Vision Document" in place that defines target users, key benefits, primary competitive alternatives, and statement of primary differentiation and advantages of a new product. One example of such a document can be found in [...]

Embedded InterBase install easy way

The newest version of Borland zero-administration database - Borland InterBase 7.5.1 - ships with the new Windows installer that supports silent install. I was suprised how easy it is to create a custom installer application that installs InterBase completely transparently to the end-user.
Interested in writing custom installers in Borland Delphi 2006? The application that I’m [...]

CIOs, Delphi ALM and the Last Bastion

Some time ago I’ve been watching interview with some of the most respected CIOs in the industry. The discussion at some point touched the obvious topic of biggest pains and challenges that a CIO is facing. Not surprisingly mitigating risk was named the first problem. Some might think that a CIO is thinking “technology", but [...]

StarTeam SDK examples translated to Delphi for .NET

There was lots of fun to translate from C# to Delphi for .NET StarTeam SDK examples.

Both sample projects ListItems and CRWatcher are available from Code Central

Read more about building Delphi for .NET StarTeam clients here

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