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My Janeva Delphi for .NET whitepapers

CORBA does not seem to be the most hyped technology these days. In fact there are at least 10 reasons why CORBA is boring.
When Delphi for .NET compiler was still in beta I’ve been investigating how to make it work with Borland Janeva. This is how my Building CORBA applications with Delphi 8 and Janeva [...]

The 24 hours of Delphi was excellent and fun

Almost an hour ago 24 hours of Delphi finished. This was a great idea of DavidI to make it happen. I have managed to sleep for couple of hours only. Wish I do not need to sleep at all. At times there were 200 people from all over the world chatting about Delphi and asking [...]

XML Documentation Viewer Wizard for Delphi 2005

… is available for download from Borland Code CentralTwo years ago I’ve been sitting at the C#Builder Train-The-Trainer course with other consultants and presales here in the Amsterdam office. Our master trainer Juan was covering some real basic stuff, so I thought I’d rather try to write a little application for learning purposes.
We were in [...]

Delphi ASP.NET HttpHandler Demo

Delphi 2005 does not provide support for creating ASP.NET HttpHandlers out-of-the-box, but it is not so difficult to create one:-)
The HttpHandler is a class that implements IHttpHandler interface, which contains only two members:
"IsReusable" property that tells HttpRuntime if it is OK to pool, and the core method "ProcessRequest", which accepts "HttpContext" param.
From the perspective of [...]

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