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"Developer Direct" webinar yesterday: "Language Focus"

It is fun to do live events in person, but I see that doing presentations online is also very rewarding and more "travel efficient". Last week I have been presenting on "RAD in Action" global webinar ("FireMonkey FM2 Ready for Multiplatform Business"), which is now available for demand and next week I will be doing two online sessions on CodeRage 7 virtual conference.

Yesterday we have been presenting with Jason Vokes two hour "Developer Direct" webinar on what’s new and what’s cool in the Delphi language. During the session I have promised to make the source code for all demos presented available. Here we go!

The "Language Focus" demos from the "Developer Direct" episode Nr 4 are available for download from Embarcadero Code Central (

In the download there are six simple demo projects illustrating different Delphi language features introduced in XE3 and in the few last releases, including:

  • New XE3 "record helpers"
  • Operator overloading
  • Class constructors and destructors
  • Generic Collections
  • Anonymous Methods
  • Custom Attributes and the new RTTI
  • Casting interface to object references

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  1. Robert | November 4, 2012 at 2:59 am | Permalink

    Excellent. Many thanks for making this material available.


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