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Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene #157

24 May

20 Responses to “Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene #157”

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    John Q. Public Says:

    >Maybe you guys have some suggestions for him.

    Nick, the guerilla bungee approach is really tacky. Everybody sees through it and it makes us look like a bunch of desperate fundamentalist extremists. I love Delphi as much the next guy but coordinated thread-bombing is never a good idea, nor a good way to spread the message.

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    Fred Says:

    talking about DataRage. I tried to replay a previous DataRage webinar. The whole process is such a pain in the a** !.Despite the fact i’m logged on edn, i have to fill a full form. Then i receive a link by mail.Then i have to follow a link. Then i have to change my browser to IE. Then I complete two other fuc**** forms. Then WMP starts to finally says that the file is corrupt. OMG I can’t believe it! Please do something! What’s the point not sharing that videos from edn, even for non registered people ?

  3. 3
    Joe Says:

    @Fred: I had the same bad experience so I gave up trying to get my hands on the webinars

  4. 4
    John Q. Public Says:

    Agree with Fred. I absolutely love Delphi, which is why it kills me to see Borland/Inprise/CodeGear/Embarcadero keep throwing roadblocks in the way. Why is so much good stuff hidden behind some silly registration scheme? I don’t know who you’re *trying* to keep out, but I can tell you who you are successfully keeping out.

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    John Q. Public Says:

    Final comment: Embarcadero, please take a page out of the book of Microsoft. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you’ve gotta appreciate the way they make their information available.

    For example, do a quick Google search for VS6 SP6. Bang, straight to the actual download:

    Try a Google search for Delphi 5 Update Pack and what do you get? Nothing really, but after some poking around (ie wasting time) you’ll find something, but you can be darn sure it’s hidden behind a registration/login scheme?

    Please reconsider all the unnecessary hoop jumping. You’ve got a huge security wall surrounding your precious courtyard but it doesn’t seem to be working out too well for you. You’re a large company running with a small company mentality. Surely it can’t hurt to try taking a new approach.

    Am I alone here or does anyone agree with me?

  6. 6
    Dimitrij Says:

    FUlly agree with you all.

    I really do not see any point behind making harder to obtain updates\downloads. It should be as straightforward as possible…

  7. 7
    xsintill Says:

    i have to say the main reason i stopped updating de delphi video page on the delphi wikia is because of the tedious registration thing. Hopefully embarcadero is going to change this to a more open method like it was before.

  8. 8
    John Q. Public Says:

    Upon re-reading one of my comments, I realize that it doesn’t accurately convey the sentiment I was trying to express. Please allow me rephrase my emotional rant:

    >You’ve got a huge security wall surrounding your precious
    >courtyard but it doesn’t seem to be working out too well for you.

    What I meant was, the security wall *IS* working well in that it’s keeping people out (including legitimate users), but the *tactic* is not working well for the company, as Delphi seems to be falling out of favor.

    I wish you guys would open your walls a little bit so more people could experience the wondrous courtyard contained within. And for heavens sake please consider releasing an Express line of products similar to VS Express. Nobody’s going to pony up $1500 to take it for a test drive.

  9. 9
    Michael Thuma Says:

    @John Q.
    >>a bunch of desperate fundamentalist extremists

    Honestly, I this is why I like the Community … we are at least subervise but I agree with you energy should be invested into positive things. - If .net stands for Farmville than we are the Wild Ones…

  10. 10
    Michael Thuma Says:

    Sry. for typos above.

  11. 11
    John Q. Public Says:

    Nick has unleashed similar thread-bombing campaigns before on the old JoS forums, and we always come across as rabid extremists. Once you acquire a reputation like that it’s hard to shake.

    Besides, what good does it do? Let’s assume that we convince the OP that he really should give Delphi a try. Then what? He has to pony up $1500 to take our advice. What do you think he’s gonna do? This is where RAD Studio Express would fit nicely into the equation. Perhaps free for non-commercial use? It’s easier to convert someone to a paying customer once he’s hooked than it is to convince him to take a $1500 leap of faith with nothing to base it on.

  12. 12
    Bruce McGee Says:

    Nick, This SO question is entirely appropriate for the Delphi community to weigh in on. Especially with native Mac and Linux support in the works. And no rabid behaviour to be seen. Please keep pointing these out.

    However, I agree that it could be easier to access older updates and webinar replays.

  13. 13
    Nick Hodges Says:

    Bruce –

    Don’t worry, I’ll keep pointing them out. ;-)

    No need to be "rabid".

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    Rich Says:

    Top scientists around the world have started to speculate about the thickness of Nick’s skin. No matter what Nick says, there’s no telling how the internet might respond. So far, Nick’s skin has been impervious to trolls, Visual Basic fans, and even a Commodore 64 user that insists on asking about Iron Man costumes in every conversation.

    What is Nick’s secret? Is he wearing an Iron Man costume? If so, was the firmware programmed by Delphi 2011? We demand to know!

  15. 15
    Victor Says:

    Just want to say I fully agree with the other posts complaining about the unexplainable inaccessibility of CodeGear/Embarcadero webinars.
    So you want to share some information with me, your long-time loyal user and customer? Fine, point me to the page with the videos. Maybe I can find some time in my busy schedule to watch it sometime in the next couple of months. Just don’t expect me to sign-in, be there on a scheduled time (which I have to manually calculate to CET time zone). Your current scheme is not working, I’m not looking!

  16. 16
    John Q. Public Says:

    >So you want to share some information with me, your
    >long-time loyal user and customer?

    More importantly, we should also be sharing this information with current non-users and potential customers. We’ve got the Holy Grail of programming environments yet we’re keeping it to ourselves rather than attempting to grow our ranks. I just don’t get it.

  17. 17
    Michael Thuma Says:

    >>We’ve got the Holy Grail of programming environments …
    Ha I like you - If Delphi could really be seen as the Holy Grail than Visual Studio is the "Golden Calf". Both is not true, the first at least and the second can be seen this way.

    >>yet we’re keeping it to ourselves rather than attempting to grow our ranks

    There is a truth in this world and this is - don’t try convince someone who is convinced from something else. It is a lot better to bring the existing customer base into direction of Delphi 2010 and gain visibility in ohter areas too.

    So what is Delphi for u. For me it is a commitment to have the advantages of the RAD approach on different plattforms or technologies. And what did we see in this post - Delphi 4 PHP, Delphi for .net and the DataRage which is an interesting show case of what Embarcadero offers and one question about feasable ways for crossplattform development by Bruce. I also have my Ubuntu 10.4 installed and run …. u know. A honest guy like Nick Hodges just said - make it public that we are targeting into this direction. –> a part of mosaic stone that makes the puzzle.

    Hope to see you in the wild ones - Im the black cat that shouts out after the first famous hit - "I’m the puss in boots - fear me!" currently at level 96, even if I am a dog. –> So my crusade is a disguise - I hope yours is a honst one.


  18. 18
    Luke Says:

    Based on Nick’s responses in this thread, YEAH, I can see all those positive changes happening…

  19. 19
    SpecItem Says:

    "You’re a large company running with a small company mentality. Surely it can’t hurt to try taking a new approach."

    I hope it had been me who said that first. I could not agree more!

    Also I think this oppressive business model came in at that point when Frank Borland turned to be Embarcadero.
    -Barriers to newsgroups
    -Barriers to get newsgroups archived by Google Groups
    -Barriers to find or get access any old Borland era snippets or archives.
    -Then also that pain taking ANSI there you had to turn your apps overnight, or otherwise you have to stick to Delphi7…2007 era for ever. Sorry, but I just can’t buy any upgrades or anything from Embargadero for quite a few years.
    -Then the 64-bit compiler, where is it?

    …ok, ok,

    I know there is Lazarus. And they have that 64-bit compiler, and their "Delphi" allows developing on ARM CPU PocketPC platform etc.

  20. 20
    Nick Hodges Says:

    Specitem –

    When you say "Barrier to newsgroups", what do you mean? Do you mean having to have an EDN account to post?

    Our newsgroups are archived by Google proper. I wasn’t aware that they were no longer part of Google Groups.

    What other barriers are you talking about with regard to "old Borland era snippets"? Code Central ( is still there.


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