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Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene #151

18 Mar

4 Responses to “Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene #151”

  1. 1
    Louis Kessler Says:

    So Joel overlooked the many great innovations of Pascal and decided to steal a statement that has usability issues:

  2. 2
    moz Says:

    If only Joel had stolen the "with" statement, but unfortunately it seems that my copies of Delphi all still have it. Perhaps you could contact him and offer to let him have the with statement out of the new Delphi free of charge?

    (yes, it does annoy me when false analogies lead to muddy thinking like yours)

  3. 3
    Craig Stuntz Says:

    Yes, homomorphic encryption needs a sexier name for popular use. Like how "asymmetric encryption" is also called "public key".

  4. 4
    Rif Says:


    Why do your blog posts no longer show up on DelphiFeeds?

    "Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene #149" was OK, but #150 and #151 have never appeared. It also appear that other Embarcadero blogs are no longer listed. Are there a general problem?

    Doei Rif

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