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Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene #124

05 Sep
  • A bunch of guys here on the R&D team are hard at work putting together their CodeRage 4 presentations.  Most of the talks will concentrate on the new things you can do with RAD Studio 2010, including new IDE and VCL features. If you haven’t registered yet, I’d strongly recommend that you do so. 



5 Responses to “Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene #124”

  1. 1
    Moritz Beutel Says:

    Embarcadero ads on Stack Overflow? GREAT! Looks like Embarcadero gets a grip on the marketing efforts :)

  2. 2
    Rich Says:

    Congrats on making Delphi 2010 release a big hit!

    I hope you’ll be able to release Delphi 2011 around the same time next year. In that regard, please note:

    1. NASM 2.07 switched to Simplified BSD License (no longer GPL)
    2. LLVM/Clang (backed by Apple) seems likely to replace GCC in FreeBSD and is improving rapidly

    They both have a very permissive license, so I hope CodeGear can leverage them to make Delphi or C++Builder 64-bit sooner.

    I’ve had some success in running Delphi "server" programs in Linux using WINE. So I’m much more anxious about 64-bit schedule. I need to produce 64-bit DLL’s ASAP because 32-bit DLL’s don’t work the same way when loaded by 64-bit MSVC programs.

    Good luck on bringing 64-bit to Delphi 2011. And please leverage "permissive" licensed open source projects to save time whenever possible.

  3. 3
    Pani Says:

    I agree with Rich.
    By the way it seems the adverts are visible only if you are browsing Delphi related questions, are you targeting only existing customers for updating their older Delphi or what? Make some for .NET tags :)
    Oh almost forgot, I like the adverts :D

  4. 4
    m. Th. Says:

    Not seeing ads.
    But also as Pani said, you definitely must put ads for other tags. Some examples:

    - windows
    - database
    - windows-vista


    Go to and have a look at the tags in bold in the right part of the site and choose from there what makes sense.

  5. 5
    wouter Says:

    If you’re paying for ads on stackoverflow, I think you should have icons on all embarcadero- or Delphi-related tags, like Adobe has on Flash/Flex/Actionscript.

    Check out the tags on for example.

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