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Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene #67

04 May

4 Responses to “Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene #67”

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    Eddie Lotter Says:

    Thanks for the link to the Delphi wiki, Nick.

    I only wish the Delphi community would take a more active role in improving it.

    A wiki is only as good as a community makes it. Wikipedia would not be as successful as it is if no-one updated it.

    Thanks again.

  2. 2
    Jamie Says:

    Hi Nick,

    I’m not sure if any of you Codegear guys are Twitterers but there seems to be a distinct lack of delphi community showing on Twitter. Do you have a small list of good delphi twitterers?


  3. 3
    Nick Hodges Says:

    Jamie –

    I’m not a Twitter person myself, so I really can’t say.

    I know that Twitter is popular, but I haven’t yet seen the appeal. I’m sure it is there, I just haven’t seen it. ;-)


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    Tugrul Tamturk Says:

    Hi Nick,
    I sent an email to you. But It seems that you did not get it.

    I spent lots of time and money on Delphi. Now, I need to develop an application supports Asp.Net. I have also Devexpress VCL subscription, and must say devex component sets are very very valuable for quality and rich application interfaces. Now I have to use Devexpress Asp.Net component sets.

    I got RAD 2007 trial key and added assembly dll’s of Devexpress ASP.NET. It seems like there are two problems.

    1. CodeGear RAD has some bugs about Devex Asp.Net assemblies.

    2. Devexpress does not support RAD2007 Asp.NET properly.

    Is there a problem between CodeGear and Devexpress? Why you both populer and important companies sit on the desk and solve this compatibility problems.. Any assembly can be installed to VS 2008, also be able to installed to RAD 2007..!!

    Please solve the problem. If you guarantee me to solve compatibility problems in short time, I will upgrade to RAD 2007 Enterprise happly. Otherwise a lot of developers (including me) loses time and money. Help Us.

    Sorry for bad English…


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