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Since Delphi 7

27 Nov

I frequently see posts in the newsgroups say that folks believe that there aren’t any reasons to upgrade from Delphi 7 or that the “VCL hasn’t been updated in years”.  I frequently spout off a list of enhancements off the top of my head, but of course I invariably leave some out.  So for a while now, I’ve been intending to create a blog post that summarizes the new features all in one so that I can keep it up to date and refer to it in newsgroup posts.  And here it is:

General Features Since Delphi 7
  • ECO
  • Delphi for .Net
Compiler/Language Features Since Delphi 7
  • Inlining
  • Operator Overloading
  • class helpers
  • strict private
  • strict protected
  • Records with Methods
  • class abstract
  • class sealed
  • class const
  • class type
  • class var
  • class property
  • nested classes
  • final methods
  • sealed methods
  • static class methods
  • for in loop

IDE Features Since Delphi 7

  • Live Templates
  • Block Completion
  • History Tab
  • Code Healer Borland Edition
  • Castalia Borland Edition
  • Better debugging (enhanced locals, call stack, expandable tooltips and watchs, etc.)
  • VCL Guidelines
  • Code Folding
  • SyncEdit
  • Searchable Tool Palette
  • Editor Line Numbers
  • Line Change indicators
  • Refactoring
  • Integrated Unit Testing
  • Class and UML Modeling
  • Flexible docking IDE
  • Audits and Metrics
  • VCL/RTL Features Since Delphi 7
    • TFlowPanel
    • TGridPanel
    • TCategoryButtons
    • TButtonGroup
    • TDockTabSet
    • TTrayIcon
    • Intellimouse support
    • Fastcode replacements for a number of RTL functions
    • Margin/Padding values in VCL
    • AlignWithMargins
    • SnapBuffer/ScreenSnap properties
    • Rave Reporting

    There, now I have them all in one place.

    And of course, if you have additions that I’ve missed, post them in the comments, and I’ll add them to this post.

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    1. 1
      Jeff Carbello Says:

      Great list - I would love to see this grow and maybe for each feature have a Castalia demo or code article explaining the uses. Sounds like a great 1st cut at a marketing doc and tool for the new CodeGear site instead of that animation. 2 things should be explained on that site: CodeGear and why you should trust us with your code and development? Why use or upgrade to BDS? And another doc I would like to see in the future is BDS vs VS2005 (of course after BDS starts supporting .NET 2.0)

      Sounds like this list could be a start at some much better marketing of Delphi. I know there are alot more missing from this list. I really liked the new typeahead search for the tool palette when John Kaster demoed it here in Chicago.

      Nick this is a great start to convincing people to upgrade, that is, creating a master list. I think D7 is a good starting point.

    2. 2
      Jeff Carbello Says:

      And please don’t forget those FastCode guys:

      Fastcode replacements for some RTL functions - really speeds up some applications

      FastMM memory manager

    3. 3
      Nick Hodges Says:

      Jeff –

      I added the FastCode guys. Thanks.


    4. 4
      Jeff Carbello Says:

      You also might want to denote with a ** which ones are .NET specific only (i.e ECO). Because some developers who use D7 see no need to upgrade since they feel it is the last best Win32 version of Delphi. However, I don’t believe this is true. And I am getting convinced of this more and more each day with CodeGears great communications with developers. And if we can get Generics and improved collection classes in Highlander Win32 and more FastCode RTL, then I would really feel D7 Win32 is a bit old in the tooth.

    5. 5
      Jo Reiter Says:

      Well, I think there is a lot more:

      Compiler language features

      - class abstract

      - class sealed

      - class const

      - class type

      - class var

      - class property

      - nested classes

      - final methods

      - static class methods

      - for in loop

      - experimental directive

      IMO CodeGear should consider to puglish a "What’s new" document with a detailed description of all these new features.

    6. 6
      Nick Hodges Says:

      Jo –

      Great stuff — how did I forget and nested classes, not to mention all the other stuff. Thanks –


    7. 7
      Magnus Flysjö Says:

      Nick, it would be great to have a BDN(/CGDN) article about all the new stuff added since Delphi7. Preferably with more information/example regarding all the stuff you just lined up. For example, what is "strict private", "inline" etc etc.

      One thing that I think is lacking all the time when it comes to new technology from Borland/CodeGear is the ability to teach the users about it. ECO is a great example of that. Few people know how or why to use it, and therefore few people understand the value of the product.

      Your Camtasians was a start of something really good! You guys at CodeGear should have a guy hired just for producing Camtasias every day. And I am not talking about Camtasians on how to do simple "everyday" things, but more advanced stuff for all the developers that already know the Delphi syntax and are familiar with the Delphi IDE. Stuff that helps the Delphi developers to stay out there being competitive.

      I personally would love to see some kind of best practice on how to use the built in tools in Delphi Enterprise to localize a Delphi Win32 application to MBCS codepages like far-east languages such as Japanese or Chinese.

      I also saw a post in the non-tech newsgroup today about The Delphi Magazine given notice of closure in March 2007.

      It would be great if CodeGear could take the initiative and maintain some kind of newspaper (e-mail or printed copy) with more advanced articles regarding Delphi development.

      In the end, you can write as many cool honkey tonkey functions in the IDE as you want, but it wont keep you in business if the users dont understand or know how to use it.

    8. 8
      Martin Kammann Says:

      Class Helpers!

    9. 9
      Bruce McGee Says:

      To put some of these in context:

      - Inlining is used throughout the RTL.

      - The compiler magic _StrLen (which is called a lot) was inlined (special case).

      - Consolidation of initialization and finalization (better startup time)

      - Some of the Fastcode routines optimize core RTL methods that are called all over the place.

      - The new memory manager improves memory allocation speeds, especially in multi-threaded apps.

      In other words, applications will get a performance improvement just by recompiling with the latest version of Delphi.

    10. 10
      Bruce McGee Says:

      A couple more in no particular order:

      - Searchable tool palette

      - Compiler generates XMLDoc files (–doc)

      - Better Unicode support in dbExpress

      - Line numbers in editor

      - Line change indicators

      - You can tell if a unit has been changed just by looking at the tab instead of walking through every frickin unit you have open and looking for the tiny "modified" indicator in the status bar!

      - Intellimouse support in the VCL

      - Block completion (fills in end statement for you)

      - StringList finally lets you ignore white space (StrictDelimiter)!

    11. 11
      C Johnson Says:

      The language features are a good list, however there are a few points I’d take issue with :

      Any dotNet feature (eco <cough>) - ok, let’s compare apples to apples. While we are at it, perhaps there are few language features that are dotNet only there? Not sure, I’m sticking with D7 for a while yet, and I just don’t feel right about using my version of turbo for anything but the most trival stuff (Nick knows why) and I LOATH D2005..

      Castilia? Serious? You are going to list a third party feature that I’d probably have to buy the full version if I want full use of it? The same full version that is available for D7? Nick, that’s just fair game for this list. Same goes for CodeHealer. I can get these features for D7, just because you offer a free crippled version as an add on, I would not call that a feature that belongs on this list.

      FastCode & FastMM -> Again, got ‘em for D7. In fact, I’v had most of the VCL features you’ve listed for MANY versions (who doesn’t have a TTrayIcon component?) I saw the flowpanel stuff a year ago and duplicated (and improved on) it in D7, only I can actually drag and drop arrange my components to get them to flow…

      So, really, yes, the language features and things like Live Templates, refactoring are definitely great new things and should be screamed from the mountain top - however claiming things that come from third parties and are already in D7 undermine your credibility here.

      And EVERYONE already had a TTrayIcon component, so adding it to the list now just makes us wonder why it took so long for DTG to catch on…

      I do like many of the new features, and I will eventually move forward once I get over my hate for the new IDE layout. I like templates, but I suspect that I’ll end up ignoring them as much as the previous ctrl-j invokable stuff, and block completion is cool, but at this point I type end as part of typing begin, so it will probably get turned off out of frustration long before it becomes useful.

      For the record, I have never used the old ctrl-j templates since the day they were introduced in D3 - they just slow me down. Ultimately it meant that I had to memorize a million different new "keywords" or wait FOREVER for code insight to recompile the app - during which time I usually remember what I needed in the first place and just sit and swear while it catches up. I expect most code templates, as impressive and productive as they appear, to end up the same way.

      Maybe if code insight was threaded and abortable instead of more like getting kicked in the head on large projects, then maybe….

      but I suspect that I have started to ramble.

    12. 12
      Jeff Carbello Says:

      Camtasians?? - I hope that Nick is not going to start a new religion ;) Seriously, I think these live Camtasia demos are gold, like everyone says, keep em coming.

      Speaking of Camtasia and new features or technologies in the products, why not launch a channel9 like website similiar to what MS offers with similar content. I know this is what BDN is for, but channel9 specifically targets the multimedia side of developer communications. You already have a good wealth of content for this site: delphi hour mp3s, Camtasia 30 days, etc.

      I hear alot of people make comments like, "Since they lost <insert name here>, I wonder if they have anyone there that is competent enough in <insert technology here>. Doing interviews with CodeGear people would be a great way to alleviate those fears and letting people know the kind of highly intelligent and competent people behind the scenes.

      I can see with every release of Delphi, new people coming to the channel9 like part of CodeGears site and checking out the new feature Camtasia’s and after viewing enough of these, realizing they must click on the Buy button at the bottom of the screen to really experience the fun of ooh and aahs for themselves.

    13. 13
      Jeff Carbello Says:

      I agree that the CodeHealer and Castalia should go off the list. I think thats pushing it. Actually one could argue that I could buy the full versions of these for D7 and have better features with my D7. Or at least break these out at the bottom in their own section called 3rd party freebies. And a little ** explaining that Borland Edition means limited from the full version.

      As for the FastCode stuff, yes it can be added to D7, but its not very easy to do. And if its not very straightforward then I don’t want to be mucking with my low level RTL. So I feel these are warranted. But I think you should list each RTL function updated and the speed increase from D7 for each. I think that will really open some eyes. And with each release it will be common to list which ones get added or updated and the speed increases. So maybe break out the RTL fastcode stuff as a separate subset in your main list.

      BTW, Nick is that a mispelling of the heading "VCL/RTK", did you mean "VCL/RTL"?

    14. 14
      Jeff Carbello Says:

      There are also a ton on new navigational keyboard shortcuts that really can speed up coding and navigation.

      Also what is the name of the feature in which one can define a var inside of the function or procedure while coding? I thought this was a huge timesaver.

    15. 15
      Captain Jake Says:

      Nick, you forgot one of my favorite IDE enhancemenst: error insight!

    16. 16
      Ryan McGinty Says:

      Don’t forget HUGE improvements in DLL/BPL development and debugging compared to D7 (better multi module project management in general really). View Unit now spans all projects in project group! Oh, and integrations (specifically if you use StarTeam). Oh, and about a million other things are sooooo much nicer…

    17. 17
      Oliver Giesen Says:

      Nick, great list but please mark the .net-only things. Many D7 users will not see them as something new because they’re not interested in .net (as you can see by them staying with D7).

      On top of that I’m also still confused about the .net-specificness of some of the language additions. This could have been communicated much clearer from the start. Finding out some desired feature is .net-only only after having made the purchase could possibly leave a somewhat sour taste…

      (to put this straight: we have upgraded from D7 - to Turbo Win32 Pro - and love it!

      we felt Highlander is too close to invest in the full thing right now, but will probably upgrade when that thing comes around)

    18. 18
      David Klecker Says:

      Yes, in IDE features there is a lot of useful improvments, but for VCL,do you really think, that is enough since 2002(Delphi7 release)?

    19. 19
      prayer Says:

      "Better debugging (enhanced locals, call stack, expandable tooltips and watchs, etc.)".

      This is better than D7, but nothing comparing with Visual Studio (even 2003)…

    20. 20
      Jeff Carbello Says:

      Yes, those VCL improvements are very useful in saving UI design time. But I see your point. Some core stuff like:

      RTTI expanded (full .NET reflection like)

      Generics and new Collection classes (HashMaps, OrderedCollections, Sets, etc)

      ECO Win32 version or Bold updated and released in Win32

      These would be some core Win32 VCL changes that would stand out. There is alot of small stuff added, but I think its the things that will bring it up to snuff with modern .NET and Java frameworks.

    21. 21
      Gerhard Stoltz Says:

      Do not forget the new project manager - it truly makes a difference and is a major new feature.

    22. 22
      Gerhard Stoltz Says:

      Do not forget the new project manager - it truly makes a difference and is a major new feature.

    23. 23
      Örjan Jämte Says:

      What about changes since Delphi 5? Or just a list of changes from Delphi 5 to Delphi 7? Or any other versions that is still in use out there.

      I am trying to convince some customers to upgrade from different versions (Delphi 5, Delphi 7 and Delphi 2005). This blog entry is very helpful to me.

    24. 24
      Nick Hodges Says:

      Thanks everyone, especially Bruce McGee, for adding to the list.

      And for the record, I’m not taking Castalia or the other third parties off the list. They ae fully functioning and useful features of the product. No need to buy anything to anything to gain benefit (though I encourage you all to look at the products for potential purchase).

    25. 25
      Liz Kimber Says:

      Which reminds me I needed to poke John K again, I am trying to get together a copy of delphi’s one of the things I wanted to do was lists such as these of what changed between each one.

    26. 26
      Liz Kimber Says:

      Did d7 have native support for html/chm based help files?

    27. 27
      Bruce McGee Says:

      For what it’s worth, third party products that are bundled definitely belong on the list. They’re a feature of the release.

      Some people have been asking which features are only available for .Net. The official feature matrix shows this really well.

      And if you don’t mind doing some reading, check out the conference proceedings for the past few conferences.

      It frustrates me when people claim nothing has changed since version x. They don’t seem to be looking very hard.

    28. 28
      Bruce McGee Says:

      I don’t know if you’d call it a feature, but it’s definitely new since Delphi 7.

      BDS 2006 has had 2 updates and 9 hot fixes. Did I read in the public news groups that more were in the works?

    29. 29
      Irakli Says:

      I hope in the next version of Delphi(Highlander) there will be full unicode supported VCL

    30. 30
      Pete Goodwin Says:

      On the surface, it looks like there are lots of changes.

      In reality, most of these changes aren’t exactly massively different than what has gone before, or are .NET only.

      I’m looking at Chrome, simply because it’s a leap ahead of Delphi - gone are restrictions due to circular uses. In comes Generics from .NET 2.0. In comes inline variables, declarations in class headers with initialisation…

      So what is CodeGear going to do to grow Delphi or is it going to stagnate as it has done for the last few years?

      Where’s the radical jump? Oh I know, it’s moved to RemObjects.

    31. 31
      JFPicard Says:

      It would be a real asset to have that list on a web page at Code Gear with explanations and examples of the new features. It would be a great marketing document indeed.

    32. 32
      bshaw Says:

      We are still on Delphi 6 because of the ADO components. We do not want to upgrade because we loose all of that functionality.

    33. 33
      Oliver Giesen Says:

      bshaw: What are you talking about?! The ADO components are in there all the way from Delphi 7 to BDS 2006. They’re now even included in the free Explorer editions!

      The only thing that has changed is that they have been renamed from "ADO Express" to "dbGo" (presumably because of licensing issues).

    34. 34
      Adrien Reboisson Says:

      Yes, we all appreciate the changes, but IMHO the features you quote was just essential in order to have a non-deprecated and dead Pascal Object. Okay, we’ve seen that the Delphi language wasn’t toooo old fashionned; let put it now into the future : generics, static object instanciations, etc.

      Which features can make Delphi more attractive ?

      - MS have a good .NET framework. Then the "We have a coherent framework better than the MFC" argument cannot be used any more.

      - MS have also now rather good IDEs. Then the "We have a more productive and intuitive IDE" cannot be used any more.

      - CodeGear has not a multi-platform strategy. The "Use our tools to build portable applications" cannot be used.

      So, you should try to find which features could attract new developpers, and from my point of view you should concentrate your efforts on making the Delphi language more "modern" by finding new languages constructions (see Chrome features if needed). Currently, the Delphi language is considered by a lot of developpers as an improved Pascal language, poorly designed and not updated for years. It’s obviously false, but when you’ve something like


      I: Integer;


      I := 0;

      …which cannot be simplified ib :


      I: Integer = 0;

      then I don’t think that a such syntax can attract C, C++ or C# people. And there is numerous others similar exemples.

      I suggest you start a collective reflection between CodeGear engineers and Delphi users in order to see what can be improved in this area.

      Anyway, good luck !


    35. 35
      sbgnaw Says:

      I love how an IDE with 4 language personalities is spoken of like it’s just "Delphi". Anyways.

      I don’t think the third-party tools belong there. You mind as well add the Partner DVDs as well, since there are loads of components and third-party tools there, many of which weren’t there for D7.

      There was ModelMaker for D7.

      There are refactoring tools for D7.

      FastCode for D7.

      There are even components that support better/later versions of Databases available for D7 (for free) than what comes with BDS2006.

      I wish Castalia and CodeHealer were free in April.

      Searchable Tool Pallete - Add-In (Free) has been available since D7.

      Flexible Docking IDE - that many people change to the classic style because the new one doesn’t work well with multi-monitor setup?

      There was Bold for Delphi for Delphi 7. Any chance on an update, btw?

      The language enhancements are nice, but not much to rave about. Others have already said what is needed/most requested.

      The VCL/RTL features are laughable. Delphi’s [then] rich third-party component market means that anything you add to the VCL most probably already exists. And it’s kinda late because Delphi has good backward compatibility and most [all?] of those components can be moved to the new IDE with little to no work.

      Alot of other features has turned the IDE into your brain extension, which I abhor. I like to type/format my own code. Live templates were nice when I first seen them, but the novelty quickly wore off since I type fast and everytime it kicked in the result wasn’t nice.

      And when you list improvements, it’s best to keep things like "Editor Line Numbers" off the list cause they only make you look kinda comical.

      Can you list all the features that have been "removed" since Delphi 7, now?

    36. 36
      Pete Aron Says:

      And the one big feature that was removed from Delphi after V7:


      The lack of that feature is the #1 reason why you are having problems selling upgrades.

    37. 37
      Ralf Stocker Says:

      I need







      Static Classes,

      Static Classes,

      Static Classes,




      not more !!!

    38. 38
      Robert Love Says:

      Good List, I think there is more that is missing.

      We upgraded from D7 Pro to D2006 Enterprise and it has been night and day on our development efforts. I would recommend upgrading from D7 to D2006 for any team.

      I still would like to see more VCL/Win32 features in the future editions.

      1. Support for the new Office Ribbon Interface.

      2. Generics with supported classes

      for ques, lists, etc…

      3. Data Binding enhanced allowing me to bind to any property on a component.

      4. Better Grids/Tree, the current ones are way out of date.

      But that is for QC…

    39. 39
      brad Says:

      How about explaining what some of these things are, and how they are vast improvements over D7 with all the fixins?

    40. 40
      Nathaniel L. Walker Says:

      I’ve always thought that Delphi’s rich third-party support was one of its main weaknesses, because it didn’t give Borland (now CodeGear) much room to improve in later versions of the product while showcasing the strengths of the newer IDEs and prompting upgrades. Another weakness is the fact that the Delphi language is so incredibly backward-compatible and it, or the VCL, *really* hasn’t improved enough to merit a "must have" deal. Components written for almost any version of Delphi can be easily migrated to the new IDEs, meaning there is little CodeGear can do in terms of the VCL [and components] that will give developers using earlier versions of the product the feeling of "Wow, I have to have that." Many of these third-party components replace and surpass native VCL equivalents, and there are still developers using versions of Delphi as old as version 5 for recent development tasks.

      Also, BDS2006 was not a robus product on release. It had major issues, and there are still some issues that still exist, like the Help System. There *are* significant reasons why they choose to use the new help system, however, like integrating the .NET Framework documentation into the IDE. It seems like they only spent a few days hacking it together, though, and there is no indication that existing customers will get an update to that part of the IDE; that is wrong, in my opinion. Fixing important issues (like Delphi 7 Update optimization problem) in new releases is a very funky way to do business, and force them to upgrade. A workaround is temporary, and shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all for a tool that is still "Sold and Supported", as you stated recently.

      The issues that have been fixxed, it took many months to get them fixxed, meaning developers had to shelf the tool until the issues were addressed. People who upgraded from C++Builder (and seem to be neglected, these days) had to wait for an update because their primary development tool was only a Technology Preview. As soon as they stop treating BDS like a 1 personality development environment, the sooner they will get the picture.

      This wasn’t a good way to sway the development community following C++Builder 6, Delphi 8, C#Builder, and Delphi Developer Studio 2005 (not to mention Kylix, C++BuilderX, among other things). They aren’t just fighting the "D7 is good enough for me" mantra; they also have to overcome the "everything they’ve done since D7 has been crap, what else can I expect" mantra. So far they really haven’t usurped those failures with something that is compelling enough to merit an upgrade from a development environment that is fast, robust, and supports what is still the latest mainstream version of the platform (Windows XP).

      I wish I could easily find information on half of what you talk about in the Help System.

      The core language enhancements are nice, but the VCL/RTL enhancements are laughable becuase pretty much anything you can come up with is out there (free, in many/most cases) or implemented better by some third party. And editor line numbers are nothing to be proud of in 2006, IMHO. Delphi developers have gone ten year without many of those, what makes you think the overwhelming majority will be raving about them now?

      Delphi developers are very accustomed to paying for what they want, so you will have to introduce features that likely don’t already exist in someone’s current development environment, and language enhancements that are significant enough to merit an upgrade. Otherwise they will continue to use the current product, and save money to upgrade their components and third-party tools.

      P.S. You forgot to add the registration system to the list of IDE enhancements :)

      - Nate.

    41. 41
      Nathaniel Walker Says:

      By "current development environment", I’m referring to the fact that much of the functionality offered in BDS can be outright replaced third-party tools installed on that developer’s machine.


      - Nate.

    42. 42
      AndrewFG Says:

      What’s this about Castalia? I have BDS2006 and don’t see it…

    43. 43
      Bruce McGee Says:


      Look on the registered user site.

    44. 44
      Nick Hodges Says:

      Andrew –

      Go here:

      and click on the "FREE 3rd Party Tools"

      There you can download the Borland Version of Castalia, as well as CodeHealer for Delphi 2006 and a version of BeyondCompare that improves the diff engine with the history tab.


    45. 45
      Bruce McGee Says:

      For more details, a BDS 2006 Reviewer’s Guide was published today. Good timing.

    46. 46
      Pamela Hodges Says:

      I think the new product manager is the best new feature.

      He is smart and honest, and handsome.

      I love you Nick.

      Love your wife.

    47. 47
      Moz Says:

      I wonder if this list is what prompted Allan to post about optionitus?

    48. 48
      Jo Reiter Says:

      OK, there is another one of my favorite new IDE features:

      – code folding

    49. 49
      J Doll Says:


      As a hobbyist, I can tell you the only features that jumped out at me after switching to the new version where the VCL Grid Lines and the improvements to the VCL/RTL. Most IDE features are lost on me, but thanks to your demos, I have found Block Completion and Refactoring to be handy. I won’t use most of the compiler features for quite some times, due to a lack of understanding on how to and properly use them. Real world examples need to be written to show them off and explain.

    50. 50
      Marco Zehe Says:

      One of my absolute favorite features is accessibility of the ActionBands! That made my upgrade to BDS 2006 possible in the first place.

    51. 51
      Kyle Miller Says:

      I think saying "records with methods" short changes just how much records have been beefed up. Zacko @ has a good list of the changes:

      * Records can have constructors(1), with at least one parameter.

      * Records support properties and static methods.

      * Records support operator overloading.

      * Records can have methods (functions, procedures).

      * Records do NOT support virtual methods ("virtual", "dynamic", and "message")

      * Records do NOT support destructors.

      (1) Great when you want to initialize record fields with a value.

    52. 52
      Kyle Miller Says:

      Sorry, that’s Zarko Gajic @

    53. 53
      Peter Kovac Says:

      all the new RTL stuff is nice and all, so are the new compiler features, but still there are some things which could be improved…as many people said before - generics for instance…I think that CodeGear should not be afraid to loose some backward compatibility and even rewrite part of the Classes unit to be interface-driven, add new container classes like hashmaps, hashsets, sorting procedures for lists and arrays (Quicksort, mergesort, heapsort, introsort or whatever)…class operator overloading is a two-handed sword, maybe solve it by emitting warnings when you construct a new class instance inside an operator overload and return it (if it can be done)…also they should fix as many QC reports as they can, some errors from D6 are still present in BDS2006 left unfixed…compiler could be enhanced in several ways, especially adding different CPU compatibility modes which would permit the compiler to emit newer instructions for increased performance, because not everybody wants their products run on ancient machines….an optional floating-point optimizer could be enabled, passing values through the FP registers, not only through the stack (I think that C++ Builder already does that - I hate to rewite all FP code in assembly for the sake of speed)….the list of changes could be never ending, but all-in-all BDS2006 is the best out there since D7, but as was said before it’s still not enough to convince people to upgrade, because they find the features not attractive enough….

    54. 54
      Jim McKeeth Says:

      In the VCL, the following events are published on many controls. In D7 they were not published:

      property OnMouseActivate;

      property OnMouseEnter;

      property OnMouseLeave;

    55. 55
      raj Says:

      Can you please when Delphi is goin to be Fully Unicode supported.

    56. 56
      raj Says:

      Can you please tell me when Delphi is goin to be Fully Unicode supported.

    57. 57
      Sergio Samayoa Says:

      I still develop with D7.

      I just began to use Turbo Delphi Explorer to see how it works and see if the upgrade to D2007 could worth based on what I see in TDE.

      I began to feel comfortable with the docked layout may be because now I have a wide screen laptop.

      IDE features are nice but VCL still the same.

      I guess Borland waste a lot of time porting VCL to .Net instaead of evolve VCL and make Delphi/Win32 more stronger.

      Still no convinced to go to D2006 or D2007.

    58. 58
      Kryvich Says:


      very promising project - UTF8VCL

      At least, while we’ll not receive a native Delphi Unicode support

    59. 59
      Markus Venter Says:

      My Delphi versions:

      D3 –> D5 –> D7 –> D2005 (Dumped it!) –> D2006 (Loved it) Bought Software Assurance ’cause I thought that (then Borland) was getting it right again.

      No new release in 2006. Software assurance expired and I decided not to renew it. For the same price of 2 year’s SA from codegear I can get VS2005 + 2 year MSDN + 3rd party components. It seems like it took Codegear a full year to gather all energy that they are now showing. Too bad Borland was so stuck up in trying to sell off (Codegear) that they forgot about their existing SA customers.

      I will still use D2006 with all my 3rd party components for current development, but new projects will be VS. Sad, but I have to look at my own marketability.

    60. 60
      Henri Says:

      I have been working with Delphi since version 1. We migrated with every new Delphi version, and i was the one doing the work for it making our product compatible with the newer version. We stopped at Delphi 7 and are still using it.

      The bugs which were still present in Delphi 7 we fixed ourselves.

      One of the major reasons we upgraded everytime is because we use Oracle and needed the support for drivers when a newer versions of Oracle was released. I must say Borland made a few big mistakes here, especially with migrating from BDE to DBExpress. A lot of problems we had to solve ourselves when they even shouldn’t be there to begin with. We now use third party driver for Oracle.

      All the new features since Delphi 7 are just small features which we can do easily without. All the fixing, adding and updates to the VCL are making it big and bloated.

      I just see more problems then reasons when migrating to a newer version.

      Maybe we’ll upgrade when Vista compitibilty is needed and works good out of the box, for the IDE and our projects.

      That would be a real reason to upgrade. But the quality has to really improve.

    61. 61
      cho se yong Says:


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