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Are you ready for Windows 8? Here is Live Tiles for your Apps

One of the major differences you notice when you install Windows 8 is the Start Screen, also known as Live Tiles. Unlike previous versions of Windows, they are not just icons to start applications. Now you can also provide status from your application through Live Tiles even when your application is running in the background. The Live Tiles feature works not only for Metropolis UI application but also for any types of VCL / FireMonkey applications as long as these applications are running on Windows 8.

Designing Application using TLiveTile component

Designing Application using TLiveTile component

To provide updates to your Live Tile, you can simply provide the latest information from your application to the TLiveTile component, and then call “UpdateTile”.

procedure TForm1.UpdateWideTilelick(Sender: TObject);
  png: TPngImage;
  LiveTile1.WideValue['Text Header 1'] := Edit1.Text;

  png := TPngImage.Create;
  png.SaveToFile(LiveTile1.ImagesFolder + 'wide.png');

procedure TForm1.UpdateNarrowTileClick(Sender: TObject);
  png: TPngImage;
  LiveTile1.NarrowValue['Text Header 1'] := Edit2.Text;

  png := TPngImage.Create;
  png.SaveToFile(LiveTile1.ImagesFolder + 'narrow.png');


Your Live Tile listens for updates from your application, and then updates accordingly.

Wide Tile

Narrow Tile

Text Style

Wide Tile with text Narrow Tile with text


For more information, please review our documentation at:

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Now RAD Studio XE2 help update 1 is available

It has been a while since my last post :-)

Today, we released Help Update 1 for RAD Studio XE2. You can find it at

Readme is available in the following languages:

This update contains all our documentation effort since we released RAD Studio approximately 2 months ago.

As a new manager for documentation team, I am working with the team to define a series of action items to improve our help.

I firmly believe that documentation is one of the most critical parts in this product. As part of our commitment, we plan to release a series of help updates as we have done in the previous release, except in even higher frequency.

Masahiro Arai
Manager, Documentation and Localization

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ECO team released updated version of ECO IV

ECO team has released updated release of ECO (Enterprise Core Object) for RAD Studio 2007 Architect users:

What’s new with this update:


You can apply this update with following steps:
1. Remove existing ECO from [Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs]
2. Download file
3. install with following command:
msiexec /i ECO_4.0.0.1294_2007-11-13_b205.msi

if you use localized version, you can specify install language as follows:
msiexec /i ECO_4.0.0.1294_2007-11-13_b205.msi LANG=DE
msiexec /i ECO_4.0.0.1294_2007-11-13_b205.msi LANG=FR
msiexec /i ECO_4.0.0.1294_2007-11-13_b205.msi LANG=JP


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I’m Masahiro Arai and I’m a localization manager at CodeGear. I’ve been working for Borland/CodeGear for 8+ years.

Previously, I worked at Tokyo office at technical support & marketing department, and I moved to here in Scotts Valley 3 years ago.

Well, blogging, it’s a new challenge for me. I’ll use this blogging opportunity to talk about localization related things in general, and provide some updates about localized editions.

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