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May the road(map) rise with you

These last few weeks we have had Embarcaderians out on the road talking about RAD Studio XE2 and FireMonkey. The reception and excitement around FireMonkey, in particular, has been infectious. Even though there is plenty there to learn about and play with we’ve been asked regularly about our roadmap. Our official roadmap is being updated, and not ready to be published yet, but I thought I would share, at a high-level, some of the technology areas in which we are actively working.

  • Frequent and regular FireMonkey updates
  • A Next Generation Delphi Compiler with multiple hardware/OS targets
  • Next Generation RAD C++ Compiler with multiple hardware/OS targets
  • 64bit RAD C++
  • Delphi and C++ iOS support
  • Expanded Mobile UI and Device support like Location, Camera, Accelerometers etc
  • Delphi and C++ ARM Support
  • Extended iOS Support
  • Android Support
  • Win8/Metro Support - Intel and ARM

As always look forward to customer feedback on our direction and priorities and plan to publish a survey soon to get your direct feedback. A full roadmap update is forthcoming.

Posted by J T on September 17th, 2011 under Uncategorized |

20 Responses to “May the road(map) rise with you”

  1. Claudio Piffer Says:


    thank you! This is very great. I use delphi from the first version (1995 ;-)) and XE 2 is a very new impressive version waited from many years.

    Waiting for the new roadmap, wish everyone an experience incredible with XE2

    Best Regards


  2. delphi001 delphi001 Says:

    >> Win8/Metro Support - Intel and ARM

    is firemonkey only or vcl, too ?

  3. Angelo Martinez Gonzalez Says:

    Delphi and C++ Builder compiler for

    Linux support for x32 y x64
    windows win32 y win64

    i think just recompile te ide with this new compiler for
    win32 and win 64 and you have a shining IDE native win64 and
    win 32.. and linuz ide for x32 y linux x64

  4. J T Says:


    We are still actively investigating the implications of Metro UI and WinRT, so it is too early to provide specifics.

  5. We can expect ‘frequent and regular FireMonkey updates’ « Delphi Haven Says:

    [...] sayeth the new Delphi/RAD Studio project manager, echoing both a previous statement of his and similar [...]

  6. Carlos H. Cantu Says:

    Android support is a must nowadays. I hope it will not take too long to it appear in RAD Studio.

  7. Franz-Leo Chomse Says:


    most likely Firemonkey only

    According to the specifications visible in the developer
    preview Metro is a render only no message loop environment,
    designed for a touch screen environment - thus Firemonkey

  8. Renaud GHIA Says:

    Please add javascript target for the compiler.

  9. Kyle Miller Says:

    Android is very nice to see on the list. A little surprised not to see a Linux support. Is the jump from OSX (BSD) to Linux that great? I would think the jump into Android’s Dalvik would be the more difficult task.

    In any case, looks like a full plate.

  10. Fabricio Araujo Says:

    They could include Oxygene for Java on Embarcadero Prism to address Android on pascal.

  11. Rick Carter Says:

    What Kyle Miller said. Where’s the Penguin? An accidental omission, I hope?

  12. Dany Marmur Says:

    The ability to create apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobiles.

    An Linux RTL (the parts common to VCL and FireMokey) so that we can deploy DataSnap om Linux servers.

  13. Dany Marmur Says:

    First comment - add: "without PHP".

  14. Daniele Teti Says:

    Hi JT,
    These features IMHO are a must:
    - Frequent and regular FireMonkey updates
    - Expanded Mobile UI and Device support like Location, Camera, Accelerometers etc
    - Android Support for Delphi
    - A Next Generation Delphi Compiler with multiple hardware/OS targets
    - Extended iOS Support
    - Win8/Metro Support - Intel and ARM

    And still thanks for this good release.

    Congrats for your new position in EMBT

  15. J T Says:

    @Kyle and Rick

    Hah, yes the penguin is an accidental omission. Though doesn’t the green robot insinuate Linux support. :)

  16. Ralf Stocker Says:

    I would like to see…
    -Put high effort into the Win 64 bit optimization / bug fixing
    -Linux target
    -Run C++ with prio 2 (most EMB customers speak Delphi:-)

  17. Jose Castillo Reyes Says:

    I want Delphi for Linux ! Datasnap for Linux !

  18. Peter Kokosiouli Says:

    I attended the show today in Johannesburg, and i must say WOW and a BIG WELL DONE to the Delphi/embarcadero team, what a fantastic job, maybe a little rough round the edges, but all on the right path for the next 10 years. the fact that you making plans to support multiple hardware and already os platforms is enough to stay put and continue investing in embarcadero. to change my apps to .notyet? id rather have daily root canals

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