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Delphi for PHP

Twenty video milestone

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In the past two months, I have been publishing a lot of stuff related with the upcoming Delphi for PHP release, and today I have realized there are 20 videos on the youtube qadram’s channel. That makes a new video every 3 days and a half ;-)

So here is a list of links to the videos so you can easily check them out:

Posted by José León on June 17th, 2010 under Delphi for PHP, PHP |

2 Responses to “Twenty video milestone”

  1. Tomohiro Takahashi Says:

    Jose-san, thanks for the great videos.

  2. Eduardo Nunes Says:

    How about a video with pagecontrol and google maps component (or frame) inside. I try it development a system in delphi for PHP 2.0 update 2 and it fail.

    Que tal um video sobre o componente pagecontrol com o componente googlemaps em uma das abas. Tentei isto em um sistema que estou desenvolvendo e não consegui.

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