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Delphi for PHP PasswordStrength component

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Here it’s another presentation of a new component, it’s called PasswordStrength, and allows you to show the user, the strength of the password is typing. It’s a non-visible component which connects an Edit control with a Label control, so the Label shows the strength of the password typed in the Edit control.

Component is available on CodeCentral, completely free for Delphi for PHP registered users (any version), but if you are not a registered user and want to try it out, download the Delphi for PHP trial, and buy the component from here at the little price of 2 euro.

The component is a wrapper over jQuery Password Strength.

On the video, I show how to use it, and how to connect both components. Also, how to customize the messages, with colors and custom texts. This component also works on Delphi for PHP 2.

Hope you like it.

Posted by José León on June 1st, 2010 under Delphi for PHP, PHP |

One Response to “Delphi for PHP PasswordStrength component”

  1. Tomohiro Takahashi Says:

    It’s a good component. We just needed such feature to check entered password.

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