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XE3 Visual LiveBindings: Actions

LiveBindings actions are new in XE3.  If you are not familiar with actions, follow this link.  LiveBindings actions correspond to the buttons on the TBindNavigator such as First, Next, Edit, Post, and Delete.

Steps for creating a speed button which uses a LiveBindings action:

  1. Drop a  TPrototypeBindSource on the form and add fields.  See this post.
  2. Drop a  TActionList
  3. Drop a TSpeedButton
  4. In the object inspector, click the down arrow next to the SpeedButton1.Action property.
    • Choose "New Standard Action/LiveBindings/TBindNavigateNext"
  5. Set the BindNavigateNext1.DataSource property to PrototypeBindSource1.

Here is a FireMonkey form using LiveBindings actions:



  • To use a TClientDataSet, instead of a TPrototypeBindSource, you will also need a TBindSourceDB.  Set the TBindSourceDB.DataSet property to the TClientDataSet.  Set the action’s DataSource property to the TBindSourceDB.
  • If a speed button stays disabled,  check that the action’s DataSource property is set.

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