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From Visual C++ to Mac in 90 Seconds

New hands-on white paper for C++ guys to take a look at. Increasingly, customers are asking that the applications developers build for PCs, also work on Mac, so here is a path for VC++ guys to follow without having to leave their Windows Developer Desktop and use FireMonkey to get to Mac. Secret admission. TBH, I did not quite manage to get the classes in a C++Builder project, compiled and over to Mac in 90 seconds, but did manage to do it under 3 minutes end to end (for those of you reading this late at night, that is <180 seconds ;-) But, I am going to stick to the 90 seconds as with some fast typing, it was only that length time in actual coding.. and the marketing guys liked the title ;-) ! Hope you enjoy. Click here

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Delphi developers required - Belgium

Following on from the BE-Delphi community event, I have heard that there are some great opportunities open for Delphi developers of various levels in Belgium (Brussels and Antwerp) with some big name organisations. If you are based in Belgium and interested then please feel free to contact Experteam or drop your CV over to Best wishes for success!

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BE-Delphi - new developer community in Belgium

It was my pleasure to be the first presenter at the first ever BE-DELPHI community (as in BElgium-Delphi) event in Antwerp, Brussels on Thursday 17 November.  Other presenters were Brian Long, Bob Swart, Stefaan Lesage, Thierry Laborde and Bruno Fierens.

When the guys first discussed the idea with me back in June, we would have been happy with 50 attendees, but they ended up with over 100 ! Great to see that the Delphi community is so excited about Delphi XE2 and also to see some great presentations from the guys.

Very much looking forward to the next date being announced!

Thierry Laborde presenting at BE-Delphi, Antwerp, Belgium. 17 Nov 2011

Thierry Laborde presenting at BE-Delphi, Antwerp, Belgium. 17 Nov 2011

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"Delphi Gurus Wanted!" - Ocuco

I met with some of the team from Ocuco at both the Dublin and Manchester launch events overt the last couple of weeks. Ocuco are currently looking for European based, smart Delphi professionals to join their team and I offered to blog it.

Ocuco provide software solutions for optical retail and optical labs and have offices in 8 countries; Ireland, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Canada & USA. They are the second largest optical retail software company in the world, & continues to expand global. Many of their products have been developed using BDS2006 and the team are now migrating to XE and XE2 versions. If you would like more information click here.

Interesting enough. I have just changed my own glasses/sunglasses, and my optician uses their systems. I think that the poor dispensing optician thought I had gone mad when I was interrogating her on the uses-cases as she dispensed my new pair of Oakley prescription sunglasses through the Ocuco retail system. I did admit to her that I was meeting the software developers that week in Dublin and then she found me far less strange. :-)

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Manchester, UK RAD Studio XE2 Launch Event

Thanks to everyone that packed out the venue that hosted the Manchester RAD Studio XE2 Launch Event last Thursday. Here is a shot from the back of the room with Stephen Ball presenting.

Manchester, UK RAD Studio XE2 Launch Event

Manchester, UK RAD Studio XE2 Launch Event

One thing that is really easy to show with RAD Studio XE2 is the multi-platform targeting of a single application. Here you can see that it is a simple option in the Project Manager…

Multi-platform Projects in RAD Studio XE2

Multi-platform Projects in RAD Studio XE2

… and here you can see a clip from the Task Manager with both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the same application running at the same time. The 64 bit version application is the one without the  *32 alongside ;-)

Both 64 bit and 32 bit running in Task Manager

Both 64 bit and 32 bit running in Task Manager

This week I am off to Italy for the Milan (Wednesday) and Rome (Thursday) launch events. It may not be too late to register. I am going to be presenting with Marco Cantu and the BitTime guys.

Also, extra dates have been added for the UK, with Edinburgh and Exeter, but register soon!

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UK Developer Group Session : Monday 12 September

Looking forward to seeing the gang from the UK Developer Group at a session today in Maidenhead UK.

Come along and see RAD Studio XE2 in action with myself and Glenn Wylie if you can make it.

Agenda details are here….

UK Developer Group Meeting

Glenn - don’t forget the FireMonkey T-shirts!

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Packed out in Paris!

The third RAD Studio XE2 launch for me this week.

Just flying out from Paris after a packed out launch event here today.

Thierry Labord of Arrow ECS, was the host for myself, Stephen Ball, Marco and Bruno Fierens to present today. Really exciting to be talking with so many French developers today.

Here are some shots from the sessions.

Stephen Ball doing Mobile Session

Stephen Ball's Mobile Session

Marco's FireMonkey Session Today in Paris

Marco's FireMonkey Session Today in Paris

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RAD Studio XE2 Events This Week

Hi All, Been a while, but thought that people would appreciate these shots and some comment. Three launch dates for me this week, with London yesterday, here is a shot of how long Pawel’s hair has got! ….oh yes, and the London crowd. I did the 90 min overview/product address with lots of short demos and Pawel Glowacki and Stephen Ball did deep dives.

Pawel needs a haircut ;-)
Pawel Presenting in London

London RAD Studio XE2 Launch
London RAD Studio XE2 Launch - From back of the room

Stephen and I were in Dublin today and have now landed in Paris to work with Thierry, Marco and Bruno tomorrow for a packed date.

We are adding more dates all the time, so watch out for more opportunities as we run into October as well now. New dates for UK with Edinburgh (Jon Harrison) and West England, Exeter with Grey Matter (local for me :)

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Hot Stuff in Europe…

Busy week last week in France and then Germany. Hot stuff for two reasons, one with the weather being unusually warm, summer weather. The other with all the things that we have been up to. Iin Paris earlier in the week with some meetings on Monday, including talking with Michael Zam of Karmicsoft, about cool ways of working and showing Delphi and PHP. Next off to stop in Frankfurt, before off to Wiesbaden for the Jax Conference where also summer certainly seems to have arrived early. David I was giving a keynote there, talking about Java IDEs past, present and especially what developers are going to need in the future. Here’s a couple of shots of the hall that I took from my phone.

The Jax conference seems to be steadily getting larger and was excellently organised (as ever) by the guys from Software and Support Verlag, that we partner with for the EKON, developer conferences in the September period. Submissions close May 1st (Tomorrow!) for papers to both EKON 2007 and SDC  in the Netherlands (April 30th - Today!) so if anyone wants to get submissions in, do it quickly!

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CodeGear and Delphi on the Road in Europe + Blogs Tags on Delphi 2007 for Win32

So, I got tagged first by Pawel Glowacki (Benelux, Spain and Itlay) in our CodeGear European Evangelist Team to get my next blog entry up. Especially as we have been very busy getting around to around 30 locations in the EMEA region over these weeks with news of Delphi 2007 for Win32 and Delphi for PHP. The guys in the team have been doing really well getting their blogs going…like Fredrik (Delphi Lead), Matthias (Germany). It was great to have David over the other week and here are a couple of event shots from Stockholm and Amsterdam…


Fredrik at Stockholm Event                                           David I in Amsterdam

So from my /other/ tag this week, from Michael Swindell, about 5 things that I like about Delphi 2007, so not wanting to choose all of the obvious ones…

#1   A small, but very cool new feature, embedded documentation comments. I created a Live Template for these. It’s great. Screen shot example below…

#2   The new flexible build system. /So/ many large Delphi sites have been asking for this since the C++ guys got pre and post build events in BDS 2006 ;-)

#3   DBX 4 is very exciting and is going to greatly simplify and streamline the whole database access story, well done to Steve Shaughnessy and his guys.

#4   New dockable File Explorer. This has saved loads of time already. ok, I know that this is another small feature, but one that seems to resonate well with the community.

#5  Here’s my "cop out" fifth one, rather than going for something more obvious….The fact that there are so many new things in there that we are going to have to get back on the road in April/May/June to keep talking with the developers of Europe and show them the rest ! It has really been fun being out and about showing developers D2007 for Win32 and the Delphi for PHP. So the CodeGear Europe Evangelist Team are up for lots more of this!

So, for a bit of fun…to pass the tag on, Which 5 favourite things do you have in Delphi 2007 for Win32?…I am going to tag…

Fredrik Haglund

Matthias Eissing

Pawel Glowacki (tag you back on this one)

Holger Flick

Daniel Wischnewski

…blog your own five reasons, then pass it on to five guys of your own…. ;-)

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