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FastReport FMX for RAD Studio XE3 is released!

Great news from Fast Reports Inc: "Now FastReport FMX supports FireMonkey 2 (Embarcadero RAD Studio XE3, Delphi XE3 and C++Builder XE3) as well as previous version of FireMonkey (Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2 and C++Builder XE3). From Beta version we fixed set of bugs and improved speed and stability of reporting on Windows and on Mac OS X."  Congratulations to the Fast Reports Team.  Read the news at

eXtreme Gammon for iOS - created with Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey

World Class Backgammon! XG Gammon! Written in none other than Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey for iOS for iPhone/iPad.  From the Apple iTunes page - "XG Mobile is the portable version of the acclaimed program ‘eXtreme Gammon’ for PC. You can now have the power and accuracy of eXtreme Gammon in the palm of your hands". XG Gammon is developed by GameSite 2000 Ltd.

Here is the iTunes link

You can create applications for Windows, Mac and iOS with one codebase using FireMonkey.  If you need to get started, check out the "Getting Started with Windows and Mac Development" e-Learning series at

Learn how to visually create High Definition and 3D iPhone and iPad apps

A recent study reports that “Bring Your Own Device” policies have helped open up IT departments to Macs, iPhones and iPads. The business sector will buy $10 billion worth of iPads this year and 93% of the Fortune 500 are deploying or testing the iPhone. Creating iOS apps to reach the business market has never been more important than it is today.

Join us on Wednesday June 6, for this free webinar with evangelist Anders Ohlsson, to get a first-hand look into creating native mobile apps for iOS to reach this ever growing market.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Set up your environment for iOS development
  • Create your first iOS “Hello World” app
  • Use layouts to scale your UI and multiple forms
  • Work with GPS, Geolocation, Compass, Gestures and more
  • Interface with Objective-C to get at hardware and OS functionality
  • Connect to your DataSnap servers from iOS
  • Deploy to the Apple App Store

Register for the free webinars (presented three times) on Wednesday, June 6:

  • 6:00AM PDT / 9:00AM EDT / 13:00 UTC
  • 11:00AM PDT / 2:00PM EDT / 18:00 UTC
  • 5:00PM PDT / 8:00PM EDT / 10:00AM (June 7) Australia EST

Erply, a top European startup, uses Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey

Erply, a leading provider of Point of Sales software has used Delphi XE2 to create their Windows POS application and FireMonkey for their UI design. Erply won the Seedcamp 2009 in London where it received $50,000 in funding. The company was selected by the Wall Street Journal in 2010 as one of the top ten European startups of the year. TechCrunch has called it, "the Skype of business software" reporting that Erply has since raised approximately $2 million.

Yesterday, Erply announced a strategic integration with PayPal providing businesses with a new way to accept mobile payments and manage their business operations.

We just met their founder and CEO, Kris Hiiemaa and CTO, Alari Koppelmaa. What a cool company. Check them out!

Two New Windows and Mac Development Success Stories

Two new FireMonkey Windows and Mac development success stories are available on the Embarcadero Web site:  Bremmers Audio Design’s MultitrackStudio and Porter Lee’s BEAST police evidence management system.

MultitrackStudio Windows Developers Use FireMonkey to Make the Music Software Available on Mac OS X -

MultitrackStudio ( from Bremmers Audio Design is a multitrack music recording software which supports recording, editing and mixing audio and MIDI tracks. With the growth of Mac worldwide, MultitrackStudio developers felt the urgency of making their application available on Mac OS X.  The Delphi XE2 RTL (run time library functions and procedures) provided them with cross platform versions of most common functions and they could program against any C or Cocoa framework. After writing some Mac specific code including Core Audio and Audio Units, they had a running version on Mac.  "FireMonkey source code is very easy to understand because it doesn’t have OS-specific code," says Giel Bremmers, Founder. "This allowed us to customize the features as appropriate for our application. We could easily edit the FireMonkey styles and found FireMonkey very easy and powerful to work with."

Porter Lee Creates Mac OS X and iPad Apps Using FireMonkey

Porter Lee uses Visual Studio with Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey to deliver BEAST (, the leading police evidence management system in the United States.  “We were really impressed with all the technology and capabilities that Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey have to offer,” says Murugan Ramalingame, Porter Lee Lead Developer.  “We have save a lot of time in the past with Delphi’s fast prototyping capability and the ability to move from prototype to production quickly,” Ramalingame says. “Now with support for Mac OS X and ability to create iPad apps and RAD Cloud technology we can be more competitive than ever and grow our business much faster.”

You can read dditional FireMonkey testimonials at

Find out more about Windows, Mac and iOS development with FireMonkey

Watch a free, on-demand webinar for more in-depth FireMonkey information:

Watch a video – there are more than 40 videos about developing Windows and Mac applications with FireMonkey on our Embarcadero YouTube page -

Join the weekly "Getting Started with Windows and Mac Development" E-Learning Course -

FireMonkey Math Visualization iOS app is available in the Apple App Store

Anders Ohlsson reports that his MathViz for iOS version 1.0 has been approved by Apple and is now available in the Apple App Store.  MathViz is a Delphi/FireMonkey for iOS application that uses (mostly) the same codebase as his Windows and Mac version.  You can find the MathViz iOS app in the Apple App Store at

Anders has written an EDN technical article, "Visualizing mathematical functions by generating custom meshes using FireMonkey", which describes how he built the original Windows and Mac version using Delphi and FireMonkey (  Anders also wrote an article about the C++Builder and FireMonkey version at

From Anders’ blog post:  "MathViz 1.0 is powered by TExpressionParser - a flexible and fast expression parser for logical and mathematical functions by Egbert van Nes, with contributions by John Bultena and Ralf Junker. Thanks for Egbert van Nes’ explicit permission to use it in a paid app."

MathViz for iOS version 1.0 costs $0.99.  "Before you ask why it’s $0.99 and not free - I wanted to see if I could get a FireMonkey paid app approved, and I’m very happy to say that I could. And anyone can, of course!"

FireMonkey links from Marco Cantu and Brian Long

Marco and Brian have written blog posts with some great links to FireMonkey information.  Check their articles at:

If you have cool links to additional Windows and Mac FireMonkey information, you can post them in the comments section.

Fast Reports announces FastReport FMX for FireMonkey

In a news item on the Fast Reports Inc. web site, they announce FastReport for FireMonkey for Windows and Mac. From the news post: "Demo version is available for download on the company web site. Company plans open sales of the full version at May 2012".

You can download demos (zip files) of the Fast Reports for FireMonkey report generator at

Reporting support for FireMonkey is one of the most requested features by developers.  Soon, you will be able to purchase the product from Fast Reports.

White Paper: Integrating FireMonkey Into Your Existing VCL, C# and C++ Applications

If you’re a Windows software developer using Visual Studio or a programmer who has been using VCL in Delphi and C++Builder and you’re interested in incorporating functionality from the new FireMonkey application platform into your applications, there’s a great new white paper available.

Integrating FireMonkey Into Your Existing VCL, C# and C++ Applications by Stephen Ball

In this paper, you’ll see what is required to create a shared library with FireMonkey in RAD Studio that can be used across multiple platforms, specifically with Windows and Mac OS X. The white paper looks at using the new library in Delphi FireMonkey and VCL applications and also with C#.

The paper covers using the shared library for containing business logic that is shared across applications using examples. The first will be a simple library with no visual elements. The second will use FireMonkey forms within the library and illustrate the differences this causes due to GDI+. Finally, we also look at what is required to call the second example from a C# application.

The techniques used in this paper are relevant and applicable for developers using C++Builder to write visual (using FireMonkey) and non-visual code.

eLearning Series: Getting Started with FireMonkey - begins May 3, 2012

Our new "Getting Started with FireMonkey" e-Learning Series starts on Thursday May 3.  There will be new lessons each Thursday during May 3 to June 28, 2012.  The series will have separate lessons for Delphi and C++ developers.

Each week the lessons will start at

  • Delphi language version at 10:00AM PDT / 1:00PM EDT / 17:00 GMT
  • C++ language version at 11:00AM PDT / 2:00PM EDT / 18:00 GMT

If you’re new to FireMonkey, if you are a Windows developer looking to develop applications for Macintosh and iOS, or you want to brush up on your skills, you’re invited to join Embarcadero’s David Intersimone for a new training series on Windows and Mac development with FireMonkey. Each week you can participate in a new 30 minute lesson followed by a 15 minute Q&A session where you can get answers to your questions about programming with FireMonkey.

When you register, you will receive notifications of upcoming lessons plus access to recorded versions of earlier lessons that you can view at any time.

Schedule of Lessons:

  • May 3: Lesson 1 – Introduction to FireMonkey and Development Environment Setup
  • May 10: Lesson 2 – Creating your First FireMonkey Desktop Application
  • May 17: Lesson 3 – The Integrated Development Environment
  • May 24: Lesson 4 – Programming Language Basics
  • May 31: Lesson 5 – Designing a FireMonkey HD User Interface
  • June 7: Lesson 6 – Connecting to Data
  • June 14: Lesson 7 – Creating a FireMonkey 3D Application
  • June 21: Lesson 8 – Using FireMonkey image and Animation Effects
  • June 28: Lesson 9 – Building Multi-Client, Multi-Platform, Multi-Tier applications

Register for the series at

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