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Computer Science Education Week and Grace Hopper’s 107th birthday

We celebrate what would have been Grace Hopper’s 107th birthday.  Today, Google’s cool doodle celebrates Grace Hopper. Grace Hopper, also known as "the first lady of software" was one of the earliest programmers (she was the first to coin the term "computer bug" , when she found a moth in Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator), [...]

David I’s 60th birthday fund raising challenge - send Cal Poly CS/SW Women to Grace Hopper Conference

Today is my 60th birthday.  My beautiful wife Martha and I are also celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary today (yes, I got married on my 30th birthday).  This Saturday (June 18) will be my 26th year since starting at Borland International in 1985.
As part of my birthday and anniversary celebrations, I am issuing a fund [...]

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