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31 C++Builder XE3 videos in January - Jan 13 - Using the Motion and Location Sensor components with C++Builder XE3

During each day of January 2013, I am creating a new video showing you how to use the new C++Builder XE3 compilers for Win32, Win64 and OSX to create multi-platform, database, multi-tier, HD and 3D applications. In this thirteenth video you will learn how to use the MotionSensor and LocationSensor components to motion and location [...]

31 XE3 quick videos in 31 days - Oct6 - FireMonkey 2 Location and Motion Sensor Components

This RAD Studio XE3 video showcases FireMonkey 2’s new sensor non-visual components for Location (TLocationSensor - Windows/Mac) and Motion (TMotionSensor - Windows).  These new components inherit from TCustomSensor and are built on top of the new System.Sensors unit (  For FireMonkey projects, these new components appear in the Sensors tab of the Tool Palette.  Sensor APIs [...]

Listing the available sensors using RAD Studio XE3 and VCL

In a previous blog post, I showed how you can list the available sensors in your Windows and Mac applications using RAD Studio XE3 and FireMonkey 2. The System.Sensors unit is agnostic about the framework you are using (that’s why the unit is part of the System namespace). This means you can also use [...]

Listing the available sensors using RAD Studio XE3 and FireMonkey 2

RAD Studio XE3 includes new classes for identifying, managing and using any sensors that are available on your target Windows and Mac computers. In this blog post I show you how to list all of the sensors that are available on a computer (you can do this using Delphi and C++Builder). Delphi XE3 [...]

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