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Want more…Speed

Quintus Arrius, in the movie Ben Hur, implores the rowers to give him "Battle speed!… Attack speed!… Ramming speed!"  On October 15, 1997, the rocket powered car, ThrustSSC, driven by Andy Green, set a world land speed record of 763 mph. ThrustSSC is the first car to break the sound barrier on land. The qote, "I feel [...]

Want more…Power

I went to visit Mount St. Helens yesterday. Unfortunately, it was raining and we couldn’t see the volcano.  We stopped at the Johnston Ridge Observatory (JRO), named for David A. Johnston.  Johnston was a USGS volcanologist who was on duty at the ridge the day Mount St. Helens exploded on May 18, 1980.  "Vancouver! Vancouver! This [...]

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