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FireDAC - universal enterprise database connectivity for iOS, Android, Windows and OSX

With the release of Delphi XE5 developers now can use the advanced capabilities of FireDAC to build apps that connect with local and remote databases (via DataSnap) that run on iOS, Android, Windows and OSX. C++Builder developers can currently use FireDAC for their Windows and OSX applications (the RAD Studio Roadmap shows C++Builder support for [...]

InterBase® and MySQL™ - A Technical Comparison

Are you considering MySQL as your choice for your SQL database server?    Did you read the Register’s recent article, "Oracle kills low-priced MySQL support" by Gavin Clarke.  The recently released InterBase XE is a better technical and cost effective alternative to MySQL. Read the free, technical white paper!
Embarcadero Technology InterBase® XE is a powerful, SQL-compliant database that is [...]

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