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31 XE3 quick videos in 31 days - Oct13 - HTML5 Builder support for Canvas, Storage & Audio/Video

RAD Studio XE3 and HTML5 Builder provide support for HTML5’s Canvas, Local Storage (both local and session storage) and Audio/Video. This short video shows each of these HTML5 features in action.  The HTML5 Builder components (RPCL) make it easy to build applications in the visual designer and the code editor.  The HTML5 Builder components wrap [...]

31 XE3 quick videos in 31 days - Oct2 - Adding Multimedia to your Windows and Mac Apps

Video number 2 shows you how to add multimedia (audio and video) to your Windows and Mac applications using the new FireMonkey 2 media player components.  This second video shows you how to use the new FireMonkey 2 TMediaPlayer and TMediaPlayerControl components to add multimedia (Audio and Video) to your Windows and Mac applications. [...]

FireMonkey v2’s supported media formats…

I am on the road this week in Tokyo and Seoul.  Last weekend, as I was flying from San Francisco, we completed the release of our XE3 products.  RAD Studio XE3 includes a major update for FireMonkey version 2 (FM2).    FM2 includes new and enhanced support for:

Audio and Video
Actions and Action Lists
Touch and Gestures
Bitmap [...]

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