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C++ language news, articles, happenings, the standard and more…

The ISO C++ standard continues to move forward to match the demands of C++ applications and systems. The ISO C++ committee continues its work on the 2014 language minor update and the march to 2017’s major update. The C++ 2014 CD ("committee draft") has been released. The current ISO C++ status can be found at [...]

The 25 days of C++mas - December 10 - C++Builder XE3 64-bit compiler is released!

On Monday, December 10 (also the first day of CodeRage 7 C++ Conference), we announced that the C++Builder XE3 64-bit compiler for Windows was released.  The C++Builder 64-bit press release heralded "Embarcadero Rolls Out New Multi-Device C++ Developer Platform".
Michael Swindell, Embarcadero Technologies Senior VP of Marketing and Product Management said: "The diversification of client devices [...]

The 25 days of C++mas - December 2 - some of my favorite C++11 links

There are many C++11 websites, blog posts, videos and articles available that will help you take advantage of the new C++Builder XE3 64-bit compiler when it is released this month. Here are a few of my favorite C++ language and C++Builder sites, blogs, articles and videos. - News, Status & Discussion about Standard C++:
Bjarne [...]

Rank your favorite new C++11 language features

The ISO C++ 2011 (C++11) language standard was completed last year on August 12, 2011. I have created a one question survey that asks C++ developers to rank their favorite (using whatever determining factors you want) new C++11 language features.
Click here to take SurveyMonkey survey
I hope you will take a couple of minutes to participate [...]

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