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31 XE3 quick videos in 31 days - Oct27 - Using the CustomFormat property in LiveBindings

Using the LiveBindings Designer and LiveBindings Wizard in RAD Studio XE3 allows you to easily link fields to UI controls and do other common LiveBindings tasks.  I wanted to bind two dataset column values (first and last name) into one TLabel in my Delphi and C++Builder demo VCL and FireMonkey applications.  I asked Jim Tierney, team [...]

31 XE3 quick videos in 31 days - Oct21 - Introduction to the LiveBindings Wizard

In previous RAD Studio XE3 videos, I used LiveBindings, the LiveBindings Designer and the LiveBindings Wizard in several of the demo applications.  In this short video, I’ll focus on the LiveBindings Wizard and the 5 common binding tasks that it provides using multi-page wizards.  The LiveBindings Wizard can be used with Delphi and C++Builder VCL [...]

31 XE3 quick videos in 31 days - Oct8 - Using the LiveBindings Designer with an Object

RAD Studio XE3’s LiveBindings and the LiveBindings Designer will be used mostly to connect controls to other controls and datasets to controls. LiveBindings can be used in your Delphi and C++ Windows (VCL/FMX) and Mac (FMX) applications. This quick video shows how you can bind control properties to the fields of an object (in this [...]

31 XE3 quick videos in 31 days - Oct7 - Introduction to the LiveBindings Designer

LiveBindings for VCL and FireMonkey Delphi and C++ applications were introduced in RAD Studio XE2.  In RAD Studio XE3, we’ve dramatically improved the productivity in building and the quality of using LiveBindings with the new LiveBindings Designer, LiveBindings Wizard and TPrototypeBindSource.  The LiveBindings Designer let you visually create and edit LiveBindings.  The LiveBindings Wizard takes you [...]

More reasons to upgrade to RAD Studio XE2 - LiveBindings example projects

Delphi and C++Builder have provided component based connections to databases ever since their first versions.  Using the VCL we’ve provided data bound components for the common user interface elements you want for your desktop and client server applications.  You can also always write a line or two of code to connect data to any other [...]

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