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Developer Christmas Countdown - December 1 - T minus 24 days

It’s that developer time of year:

Time to complete those end of year programming projects
Time to purchase some special holiday geek gifts
Time to think about at least one day off

It is time to count down the days until Christmas. Each day I will uncover a new piece of information for developers.
December 1: Buy One Get One Free (BOGO)
With [...]

The new InterBase XE - 64-bit support and more plus special offers

Embarcadero Technologies recently released a new version of InterBase, InterBase XE. InterBase XE includes new features to improve security, scalability and to simplify application development.  Included in new Interbase XE you’ll find

64-bit support
Larger index keys
Stronger password protection with SHA-1 cryptographic hash function and passwords up to 32 characters long
Ability to manage 8 times more data
Support [...]

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